Hear Gary Janetti’s thoughts on joining RHOBH with husband Brad Goresky – E! online

But it is in these “weird contrasts of life” that he connects moments from his past and present. “I remember when I was growing up, the closest person in the world to me was my neighbor, Irene. She was my second mom. For 40 years, she was the closest person to me in the world, and that’s weird. is,” he said. “And I think maybe it’s like I never want to talk to the neighbors because I already had the best.”

One of Janetti’s funny real-life paradoxes? His stand on destination weddings.

He joked, “I talk about how you used to be invited to a wedding and just went to the wedding that night. You came home the same day. You didn’t have to pack and pick up an airline ticket.” ” “Don’t give me a break to fly somewhere and go to your wedding. I don’t want to see my family that much time, leave yours. But then, ironically, Brad and I had a destination wedding that was two weeks long. Was.”

Together their first book of 2019 Would you mind if I cancel?: (Things that still bother me)One of his recent projects was hbo max‘s kingabout a fictional cartoon Prince Georgethe life of the one who ran away a season in 2021. Given that he starred in and made the series, you might think he would be an expert on British royal family, You would be wrong!

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