Hawkeye’s echo was almost Moon Knight’s love interest

Before appearing in Hawkeye, Echo/Maya Lopez was to be written as a love interest for Oscar Isaac’s Mark Spector in Moon Night.

before making my debut HawkeyeMarvel initially planned to appear in the Echo Moon Knight As a love interest for Mark. Moon Knight Steven follows Grant As he battles bouts of memory loss before realizing he shares his body with someone else – Mark Spector. So far, many new characters have been introduced into the MCU canon, such as Arthur Harrow and Mark’s wife Layla El-Fouli. Portrayed by May Calamawi, Layla is a quick-thinking archaeologist and appears to be a love interest for both Mark and Steven.

Another recent addition to the MCU is Maya Lopez, aka Echo, played by Alaqua Cox. He is introduced as one of HawkeyeK’s primary opponents were motivated by revenge for his father’s murder and were convinced that Ronin had played a role in his death. Hawkeye Echo’s backstory takes its time to develop, as his connection to the Kingpin is revealed throughout the series. Clint Barton recently caught up with his comic book counterpart by becoming deaf in one ear; Similarly, Maya’s deafness lies in her character and helps to show Clint that his own deafness is not the deafness he thinks.

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While he is inseparable from now on HawkeyeMarvel Creative originally had different plans for Echo’s MCU debut. Moon Knight Head writer Jeremy Slater revealed on Ringerverse house of r podcast that the initial pitch for the Disney+ series included Maya Lopez as a love interest for Mark. While developing both shows, there was a major push for Echo to be included in the Marvel TV series. Since Maya appears with Mark in the comics, Moon Knight It seemed like the obvious place to write it, but it didn’t work for the story they wanted to tell. thank you for both Moon Knight And HawkeyeMarvel agreed. Read Slater’s quote (via) tv line) below:

At the time, Iko was going to be our love interest, based solely on the fact that they knew Marvel liked the character of Echo and was trying to find a show to put her in… [but] It didn’t work at all for the story we were telling… they [Marvel] Were like, ‘You know what, we have this Hawkeye show and we think she’d fit in there a lot better… and we were like, ‘Oh, thank God.’

Marvel’s extensive history gives its TV and film writers different versions of each character to choose from. HawkeyeKi Echo reflects some of her early stories, seeing her after her father is murdered by the kingpin and later becoming an antagonist for Daredevil. Comic book elements can sometimes be quite scattered as they are chosen to fit the MCU’s stories, but replacing Hawkeye with Daredevil is one of the minor changes that Marvel characters made from page to screen. But seen in infection.

Regardless of where Echo first appeared, it’s clear that audiences are glad he was included in the MCU. next HawkeyeMaya Lopez has gained a plethora of new fans and it’s already confirmed Echo Spinoff Disney+ Series, currently rumored to be filming. Although Maya and Mark did not meet in Moon Knight This time, since everything is connected to the MCU, the Echo and Mark may still get a chance to see the screen together.

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Source: house of r (Via tv line,

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