Hawkeye’s Alt Avengers: Endgame costume revealed by Marvel director

Andy Park, Marvel Studios’ director of visual development, shares some concept art as an alternative to Hawkeye’s Avengers: Endgame suite.

Marvel Studios’ visual development director, Andy Park, has shared some concept art of one of the alternate looks for Hawkeye’s suite avengers: endgame, Jeremy Renner first appeared as Clint Barton/Hawk in 2011 Thor, before becoming a core member of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The skilled archer took a brief hiatus from his superhero duties during the events of Avengers: Infinity War, but it was a snap of Thanos Which led to him being interned under a new surname Ronin. As Ronin, Barton took to the streets to kill people he believed did not deserve to be alive.

Despite previously being one of the lesser-known members of the original Avengers team, Barton is finally getting some recognition as he is now the central focus of his own Disney+ series, Hawkeye, With only two episodes released so far, the series sees Rainer star alongside MCU newcomer Hailee Steinfeld as beloved comic book character Kate Bishop, as she prepares to take the Hawkeye name from Barton. Hawkeye Episode 1 Bishop Saw Discover at an underground auction the Ronin costume, which he then donated to himself, causing Barton to track him down. The hooded black and gold dress is somewhat reminiscent of the suit Ronin wore in the comics, but it now appears that it was not the first choice when it came to designing how Barton would appear. Avengers: Infinity War Or avengers: endgame,

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Now, in honor of the new Hawkeye The director of visual development at Marvel Studios, the series, has taken to Instagram to share an original piece of concept art for Hawkeye’s costume. Avengers: endgame, park shared that he was asked to make one”Hi-Tech-ish Armored LookAnd it was similar to the outfit Black Widow eventually wore in the Phase 4 movie. In the art, Barton can be seen standing in a black suit with purple accents on the armored pieces, a bow in his hand, with two Pistol in his shoulder holster. Check out Park’s art below.

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The original concept of the park maintains the use of the classic purple to which the Hawkeye character is often associated, but it certainly differs from the film’s final costume design. Park also revealed that at the time the design was conceptualized, avengers: endgame The story was still in its early stages, and Marvel had Haven’t decided on Hawkeye’s ronin story yet, Park has shared several of her original designs for Hawkeye’s costumes on her Instagram over the past few weeks, revealing that her favorite look was Barton’s suit captain america civil war,

Although this suit, unfortunately, didn’t make the final cut for avengers: endgameThe ronin suit chosen in its place is certainly an impressive piece of costume. It’s incredibly interesting to see early concepts for costume design, especially for iconic characters like the Avengers, whose suits often become instantly recognizable within pop culture. Together Hawkeye Episode 1 & 2 Streaming Now On Disney+, who knows what unique costumes fans might see Barton in the future.

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