Harry Styles’ mustache makes a big comeback during Los Angeles outing – E! Online

Harry Styles Recently launched Another Fine Line and no, this is not the second album of the same name.

Instead, it’s the “Watermelon Sugar” singer’s mustache that has made a triumphant return and, as expected, the internet just can’t seem to get enough of it. after returning from trip to italy With Olivia WildeThe 27-year-old singer was spotted by a fan at a coffee shop in Los Angeles. After the July 31 encounter, fans—like anyone in that situation—shared the overwhelming good news with their followers. TIC Toc.

It all started when @arieastman first uploaded a video of myself The video casually sips coffee on TikTok with the text, “When you realize you’re sitting next to Harry Styles and you haven’t washed your hair.” Adding to the shock of the moment, in the post’s caption, she wrote, “Just thought I’d be lazy Saturday morning at my local coffee shop and Harry Styles is here.”

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