Harry Potter’s Chris Columbus co-signed a director’s cut, reveals the cut character he missed

If I were in front of a magic lamp that granted me 3 wishes, I would certainly spend each on the ability to read and see harry potter First time again book/movie. and maybe i’m not alone harry potter Fans desperately want that experience. while a. less than anything first 50 matches The situation won’t allow for a fresh approach to the franchise, with director Chris Columbus lighting a fire of hope under all Potterheads, as apparently its 3-hour version Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone He wants to be released. If that wasn’t enough to make you want to do something more than anyone else harry potter Movie Marathons This Holiday Season, Columbus also revealed a fan-favorite character The books that are missing from the movies are very much alive in the director’s cut.

It might be a mistake to call the character alive, but he is present in the director’s cut. Peeves, everyone’s favorite prankster poltergeist, was apparently cut from the first film and never makes it back to the screen in any of the sequels. in an interview with wrapChris Columbus reveals he’d love to see not only an earlier 3-hour version harry potter The film was released but Peeves also deserves its own recognition, Here’s what the directors say, exactly:

I would too. We have to bring back Peeves in the movie, who was cut from the movie!

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