Harry Potter: The Worst Thing For Hogwarts Professors

as harry potter fans watch Fantastic Beasts series, including recent Dumbledore’s secrets, they continue to learn more about Albus Dumbledore and the lives of Voldemort and the Death Eaters before anyone heard it. It includes the events surrounding the death of his sister, which can easily be considered one of the worst things in his life.

Of course, Dumbledore isn’t the only character harry potter who have seen difficult times. While they all suffered differently, each Hogwarts professor experienced a trying moment that ultimately defined their character, for better or worse. From uncovering their deepest secrets to life imprisonment, all of the Hogwarts teachers have experienced at least one particularly bad moment.

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Gilderoy Lockhart – Getting Found Out

Gilderoy Lockhart teaches his class.

Before Gilderoy Lockhart started teaching at Hogwarts, he was on top of the world. He wrote several bestselling books about his adventures fighting dark creatures and was considered one of the most beautiful magicians in Europe – nothing could possibly go wrong.

Undoubted, harry potter Fans know that Lockhart was a fraud, and the moment he is instructed to go to the Chamber of Secrets and save Ginny Weasley, the jig is up. In the same evening, he found himself confronted by 12-year-olds, had his own magic reversal, and was wounded at St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.

Minerva McGonagall – Losing Love

Minerva McGonagall at Hogwarts.

in both films and harry potter books, Minerva McGonagall had some great quotes, She was a private, no-nonsense kind of woman, and didn’t reveal much about her personal life to her students. Although wizarding world The website told the story of her life, and it was revealed that Harry’s favorite teacher had dealt with her heartache.

Shortly after the First Witchcraft War, McGonagall married a man named Elphinstone Urquart. The two lived in the village of Hogsmeade, where they frequented their nieces and nephews, whom they loved. However, Urquhart died only three years after their marriage from a bite from a venomous tentacle. A devastated McGonagall moves back to her home in Castle and never thinks of marriage again.

Remus Lupine – Getting the Bit

Remus Lupine aimed his stick.

during harry potter series, it is clear that Remus Lupine never fully came to terms with his status as a werewolf. He was constantly embarrassed, even considering leaving his wife and son because he thought they would be better.

Of course, when the audience understands the circumstances of Lupine’s bite, they will understand. wizarding world It turns out that Lupine’s father, Lyle Lupine, once publicly spoke out against the rights of werewolves, calling them vicious savages. In revenge, Fenir Greyback attacks Lyall’s son. The entire Lupine family would never forgive themselves for this incident, and Remus carried that trauma to his grave.

Quirinus Quirrell – Captured by Voldemort


wizarding world Quirinus describes Quirrell as having a brilliant mind. However, his modest and nervous demeanor meant he was rarely taken seriously, which prompted him to track down whatever was left earlier. villain lord voldemortHopefully the two will take him down and learn some powerful new skills.

Unfortunately for poor Quirrell, Voldemort immediately took advantage of the Hogwarts teacher, placing his body against his will. From that moment on, Quirrell became a temporary Horcrux and lost all autonomy over his decision. Of course, this eventually led to his death.

Philius Flitwick – Watching Hogwarts get put to death

Philius Flitwick speaking in his bullhorn.

Philius Flitwick is one of the most under-appreciated staff members at Hogwarts. He was a great teacher who was always ready to give encouragement while holding his students accountable. until his students used some good quality magic to do it (ie Fred and George).

For this reason, it would have been extremely difficult for Flitwick to see Hogwarts fall into Voldemort’s hands. Harry noted gifts of death Teachers like Flitwick only stayed at Hogwarts to protect the students. In the end, it must have been unbearable when some of Flitwick’s favorite disciples lay dead in the Great Hall.

Sybil Trelawney – Being sacked by Umbridge

Even though everyone at Hogwarts knew Trelawney was a hoax (even herself), she still managed to live a very comfortable life. She had been secluded in her class for 16 years before Dolores Umbridge arrived at the palace, and from that moment on, things really went downhill.

After being fired, Trelawny is allowed to stay in the palace, but his ego is sufficiently destroyed. Then, once Umbridge was gone, Trelawny was still forced to share his classes with Firenze Centaur. She saw this as a major sign of disrespect, and for the rest of the series, she was stumbling around the castle, drinking the sherry she usually cooked.

Severus Snape – Lily’s Death

Snape hugging a dead Lily Potter.

The entire character of Severus Snape is in the arc harry potter revolves around a pivotal moment: the death of Lily Evans. Lily was his childhood best friend, and he made it clear that she meant to him even more than him. However, they both took different moral paths in their lives and ended up on opposing sides in the First Wizarding War.

Not only did Lily die during the battle, but Snape was majorly at fault. It was his information that put him in Voldemort’s crosshair, and he would spend his life making amends for that mistake. The rest of his days were spent as a double agent risking his life and protecting a boy he despised, because he knew that was what Lily wanted.

Horace Slughorn – Getting Closer to Voldemort

Professor Slughorn in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Horace Slughorn carried nothing more than the luxurious comforts that could have an effect on the powerful. That’s why he spent most of his time at Hogwarts looking for the most talented young witches and wizards, making sure they’d think of him when his day came.

A magician as talented as Tom Riddle was just as Slughorn, but he didn’t realize he was in over his head with this particular disciple. Riddle was cunning and manipulative, and used his understanding of Slughorn to hide important information. By the time Slughorn understood the damage he had done, it was too late. He then spent years feeling deep regret and guilt, even leading him to alter his memories, lying to both Dumbledore and himself.

Mad-Eye Moody – Getting Kidnapped

Mad-Eye Moody holding a stick.

Aleister Moody was known as the most cautious auror of all time, to the point that he was often considered insane. He had seen so much darkness in the world that he could not rest in peace, and he was always sure that there was danger in every corner.

While others may not have taken him seriously, Moody proved the hard way that his fears were not unfounded. Before he was officially a . started as Professor at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, he was attacked, taken prisoner, and starved by a Death Eater. It would be a terrifying experience for anyone, but the fact that this situation was exactly what Moody was always seeing with his magical eyes made it all the more personal.

Dolores Umbridge – Going to Jail

Umbridge sitting on Dumbledore's chair in Harry Potter

Dolores Umbridge was a special kind of evil. While his actions were cruel, everything he did was generally protected by law. This allowed him to rule freely over others while hiding behind government rules and his own sickly sweet behavior.

However, a time came for Umbridge to expose herself to a corrupt minister for magic with no one who could protect her. After the fall of Voldemort, the Wizarding World reports that he was put on trial and found guilty of the torture, imprisonment, and death of Muggle-born witches and wizards. The realization that she would spend the rest of her life in prison may have been hard for Umbridge to swallow, but no doubt it was well deserved.

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