Harry Potter: 15 Plot Holes That Have No Meaning (Even If You’ve Read The Books)

Being a Curious Potter maniac isn’t easy, even after thoroughly detailed author interviews, Reddit theories, academic study, and fan fiction, there are still plenty of plot holes and flaws. harry potter The universe that doesn’t connect, even if a fan has read every book cover-to-cover.

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From the strangeness of Hogwarts’ course and the legality of some spells to the mechanics behind some curious forms of magic, there are endless questions that fandom still hasn’t answered.

Updated on December 18th by Rose Gresling-Moore: With the 20th anniversary reunion special coming up, fans are hoping they might be able to find some answers that are still missing as to how things work in the world of Harry Potter! Some of this is explained in later games and other material, but other stuff just made things more confusing… Returning to Hogwarts will clear up some things!

15 painting inconsistency

JK Rowling has exclusively revealed that the surviving images in the Potter-verse are merely impressions of the dead. They may imitate their basic personality traits, but they do not have feelings, memories and are not fully realized in the form of ghosts or spirits.

but then How a portrait of Dumbledore is able to communicate Wisdom and advice to Snape after his death? Furthermore, if the images are not sensitive, how can they feel and show emotions such as fear, annoyance or guilt, that too of people or situations they have not encountered while alive? The magic behind his spirit is full of holes.

14 How functional is Trace?

The trace was a charm that helped the Ministry of Magic know whether magic was performed around underage witches or sorcerers. However, it is eventually revealed that The Trace has its limits, and while it can detect magic, it cannot detect who did it. Does this mean that underage wizards could get into trouble if someone else around them uses magic, or they would be put on trial?

Also, when Harry was cast several times in Privet Drive, why didn’t The Trace activate, especially during order of the Phoenix or half Blood Prince, Also, The Order of the Phoenix, due to The Trace, was hesitant to use any magic to relocate Harry from his home, but was about to hide him in Weasley Borough and use the magic around him. I had no doubt.

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13 Peter Pettigrave and the Marauders Map

Peter Pettigrave on the Marauder's Map

The Marauder’s Map labels Peter Pettigrew as himself, albeit in rat form – and Fred and George were constantly examining the map for years. However, none of them ever saw Peter’s name on the map, or that Ron was sleeping with ‘Peter’ every night, despite there being no one by that name in his dorm. And even though Harry does see the name on the map once, it’s strange that he only sees this one time, all the time he’s looking.

Perhaps this could be explained if size and proximity factor in – perhaps not Peter only with Ron, while the ‘Ron’ label would cover the ‘Peter’ label entirely. Or maybe Fred and George have never seen the dorm themselves. Either way, it’s still not explained!

12 Harry, Hermione and Ron’s Food Crisis

Through Gamp’s law of fundamental change, it is possible to identify what can and cannot be combined, and according to the law, one cannot create something from nothing. However, food is one of the five exceptions and Hermione tells Ron that one can summon it if they know where it is, and one can change it and/or increase the amount of something one already has. could.

Then why did the three have so much difficulty in finding food during their Finding Horcruxes in Deathly Hallows, Why couldn’t they increase what they already had?

1 1 Why didn’t the ministry use Veritasram?

In the books, much has been made about the fact that Lucius Malfoy was suspected as a Death Eater, but never convicted. Like many others, he claimed to have worked for Voldemort under the Imperius Curse. However, this seems a bit questionable, as the ministry could possibly have used Veritasram on them to investigate. It is clear that the Ministry has no problem with this, as Umbridge used it on children, and yet he only took the Death Eaters at his word.

However, there is more to it, and this is a commentary on the power of money. It is certainly possible that Lucius bought his way out of being sent to Azkaban.

10 The Magic Behind Thestrals

It’s a problem that JK Rowling herself had to solve, but Fantasy couldn’t be appeased. Why couldn’t Harry see Thestrals at the end of Goblet of Fire, given that he had experienced the loss of Cedric? Thestral skeletons are a breed of winged horse that can only be seen by magicians who have ‘seen’ death. Harry was too young to understand what was happening when he witnessed the death of his parents, and was unconscious when Quirrell died.

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And Rowling claimed That although Cedric’s death was the first death that Harry experienced up close, it takes time for anyone to recover from the shock and fully absorb that they would never see a person again. This Is Why Harry Only Started Seeing Thestrals order of the Phoenix, But since thestrals are not imaginary, does their physical existence really depend on a person’s consciousness? If so, how does the magic behind it work?

9 using multiple wands

It’s a problem that has given Redditors many sleepless nights. Harry used three wands and a triple spell to stun Greyback in the Deathly Hallows. If a triple spell is more effective based on a simpler numerical system of greater force akin to a wand, why isn’t it something that more people use?

Also, it was explicitly clarified in the OWL curriculum that the more a magician believed in his spell, the stronger the spell would be, so What role does the number of wands play Play Play?

8 Why did the potters need a secret guard?

Harry Potter's Lily Evans and James Potter in winter clothes, dancing and smiling at the camera

The central tragedy of Harry’s life is the betrayal of Lily and James by his friend – which allowed Voldemort to find them. However, the laws of Fidelius Charm seem to change throughout the series. It is believed, from the fact that Lily and James have a secret keeper, that this was necessary for the attraction to work. However, when Bill and Fleur were hiding at Shell Cottage, they were each other’s secret keeper.

Presumably, Lily and James could have just been each other’, and then the attraction would have remained… and not the whole story!

7 Why won’t Voldemort make the Death Eaters take the Unbreakable Oath?

Was Voldemort too proud or too confused to think he could trust his Death Eaters? Assuming that this is indeed a death prophecy he is trying to negate, shouldn’t he have asked his army of death eaters to take an unwavering vow, just to be on the safe side? An unbreakable vow works like a binding magical oath or covenant, it is magically enforced and the person breaking it can face fatal consequences.

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It is established that Dumbledore wanted his ministers to love and respect him, and he clearly hopes that they will lay down their lives for him. But how could he be so gullible as to risk it?

6 Why are legitimacy and forgotten attraction so easily accepted?

The Imperius Curse is an unforgivable curse as it puts the victim completely in control of the caster and essentially enslaves their mind. But the mind-reading spell known as Liglimancy and the mind-reading spell known as Oblivion are equally dangerous, if not more.

The forgetfulness spell, in particular, can ruin one’s life, as it can erase specific memories from one’s mind, therefore wreaking havoc in their life. The ministry is believed to use these charms to help them keep their distance from thugs, but they certainly cannot be allowed to use them so freely, as they can have disastrous consequences.

5 dungeon troll

troll in harry potter

This plot hole is so hilarious that fans have turned it into a meme a hundred times! When Quirrell sneaks into the dining hall in the first book, he screams that there is a troll in the dungeon—who tells Dumbledore to calmly return all the students to his dorm.

The major issue here is that the Slytherin hostel is in the dungeon, as clearly explained later (and backed up in additional material). In short, Dumbledore actively sent the entire Slytherin House into the arms of a troll! Maybe he hates them as much as everyone else.

4 validity of speculation

In potter-verse, almost no one takes speculation seriously. Hermione thinks it’s nonsense, and Dumbledore admits that he considered removing it from the school curriculum. Which begs the question, can prophecy really be taught, and what does this have to do with witchcraft?

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There can be no middle ground, prediction is the art of looking into the future and if it can actually be taught, it would be one of the most powerful subjects in a wizarding school. If students could predict short aspects of the future using magic, that would also be a great deal, but clearly it’s not. So, is the divination purely driven by an intrinsic gift or superstition?

3 price of wands

The wands are described in the books as costing 7 gallons – which seems like a fairly reasonable price, unless it is compared to the cost of other items in this world. A counterfeit wand is something the Weasleys are told they should charge 5 gallons for and a second hand wand costs 10 gallons – suggesting that 7 gallons is extremely low for this item. What’s even more confusing is that Professor Slughorn says that unicorn hair goes up to 10 gallons for a single strand, but a stick with unicorn hair would only be 7?

These numbers just don’t add up—unless, perhaps, government subsidies linger as an absolute necessity.

2 Is background check impossible?

Hogwarts was criminally lax in investigating its teachers and some of its employees, whether it was fake Mad-Eye Moody, which turns out to be Barty Crouch Jr., Quirinus Quirrell, who was Voldemort’s servant, or even Gilderoy Lockhart, who was a fraud.

It’s shocking how there is no system, spelling, tool, or even a registry that can do thorough background checks on people, especially in schools. In fact, the ministry, which is so goofy about Hogwarts’ administration, should ideally sort things out, especially after Quirrell.

1 Why was Voldemort not a person of interest to the international wizarding community?

Why didn’t Hogwarts ask for help from its allies across Europe? The Triwizard tournament established the fact that the wizarding community is on good terms, be it France, Bulgaria or Ireland. Granted, Voldemort’s plans for Harry’s post-Harry were never specifically addressed, no one knew whether he wanted to dominate the wizarding world just in Britain, all of Europe, or just domination at Hogwarts. wants.

But considering how powerful the Dark Lord’s legacy is, why weren’t other nations even worrying about Voldemort, and then lending a hand?

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