Harley Quinn season 3 producer hints at summer release date

It’s been two years since Harley Quinn Season 2 ended, but series co-creator Patrick Schumacher is hinting that Season 3 may be close.

Harley Quinn Producer Patrick Schumacher has indicated that Season 3 of the animated series will premiere soon on HBO Max. Originally debuting on the DC Universe app, Harley Quinn Followed the adventures of the titular character, voiced by Kelly Cuoco, as she attempted to distance herself from the shadow of the Joker. Along the way, he’s gained new allies like Poison Ivy, Clayface, and King Shark, and begins to develop his own person and find his way into the worlds of the DC Universe.

The series stood out for its sharp writing, sense of deep and adult humour, and the way it redefined many classic DC characters. Harley Quinn It was announced before it ran for two seasons on DC Universe. Harley Quinn season 3 HBO will be shifting to Max, which has already roped in talents like James Gunn and Sam Richardson to lend their voices in the upcoming season. Harley Quinn The final episode of season 2 aired on June 26, 2020. With a gap of almost two years between Seasons 2 and 3, viewers wonder when the new material might arrive.

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It appears the show is in progress and a potential premiere time frame has been hinted for. Harley Quinn Season 3. Series Producer and Co-Producer Patrick Schumacher recently said on Twitter that he could not give an exact release date, but that the show should premiere at a time in the year that rhymes with “scammer”, clearly indicating that the series would be released in the summer. aims to be broadcast. No date has been officially set by Warner Bros. or HBO Max at the time of this writing. See tweet below:

A summer time frame is unclear, but a look at the HBO Max lineup may give an indication of when the series will air. currently, young Justice Airing on HBO Max, the second part of Season 4 will premiere on March 31 with three episodes. The season is set to run for 13 episodes, concluding on June 9, 2022. young Justice Took a hiatus at the beginning of 2022 to allow peacemaker To air as the major DC television show. so there’s definitely a chance Harley Quinn may premiere soon young Justice Season 2 will end in June, two years after wrapping.

Harley Quinn It’s become a very popular show since it premiered, and while no word has been officially announced on Season 4, it’s highly likely. a Kite-Man spin-off series HBO Max is already in development, suggesting that additional expansions to the universe are possible. While fans have been waiting for Season 3 for over two years, it appears that the wait will soon be over for the continued adventures of Harley Quinn and her crew.

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