Hannah Montana’s Jason Earles reveals what should happen before the reboot – E! online

Jason Earles‘ think over Hannah Montana In the reboot you’ll say, “Sweet Nibbles!”

In an exclusive interview with E! news, Disney Channel The alum revealed that he isn’t ruling out a revival of the hit teen sitcom, but noted that there are some contingencies for that to happen.

“a Hannah Spin-off, sequel or re-imagining makes a lot of sense,” he said. “I think the right people have to be involved.”

Notably, Jason stated that the show really wouldn’t have been possible without the participation of his on-screen sister. Miley Cyrus, “I think it’s something Miley will probably be excited about down the road, but it really hinges on that,” he continued. “She has a much better relationship with the show now than it did when we finished.”

In since 11 years Hannah Montana has gone off airMiley has given up on her child star image. A move Jason understands, noting, “She’s really convinced of who she is now. I don’t think people associate her with just this thing she was trying to get out of.”

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