Halo TV Show Twitter Feature Turns Like Button Into Master Chief Helmet

Following the premiere of the Halo television series, Twitter introduced a new feature that replaces the equal button in the Master Chief’s helmet.

after the premiere of aura The television series, Twitter, has introduced a new feature that turns the Like button into the Master Chief’s helmet. The series is an adaptation of Microsoft’s hit sci-fi first-person shooter video game series. The central character is the Master Chief of Pablo Schreiber, an armored supersoldier from the future who is tasked with protecting humanity from a genocidal alien threat.

Set in the distant future of the 25th century, auraThe most iconic character in the series is Master Chief, also known as John-117. The heavily augmented human supersoldier of the Spartan-II program is trained in a wide range of weapons to deal with threats to humanity. Super-strong, agile, and effective in nearly all possible combat scenarios, each Spartan donned a set of Mjolnir Mark IV power-armor, enabling them to be nearly indestructible, highly dangerous killing machines to take back any threat that horrified. The alien democratic empire known as the Covenant could throw at them. one of Favorite aspects of lead actor Schreiber To play the role of Master Chief, one of the series ‘Power Armor’ auraThe most recognizable pieces of iconography, and now Twitter has made it one of its main features.

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as addressed by Twitter Gaming The Twitter account, the popular social media platform has added to the franchise’s “Like” feature when clicked, has turned the button into a Master Chief’s helmet. in tweet, Twitter Gaming said “like me when you need meA nod to an iconic line from hello 3The end of the episode is what Master Chief (Steve Downs) tells Cortana before entering cryo-stasis while drifting in a damaged spacecraft. Two pictures were also shown in the tweet, first the like button and then the Master Chief helmet which changes when clicked. check out Twitter GamingOriginal tweet below:

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Despite their enthusiasm, Television series armor proved challenging for Schreiber, who said that he felt stable while wearing the overly elaborate outfit. While the armor itself was heavy, Schreiber said that most of the trouble he found on set was due to the feel of the armor, limiting his movement. For example, Schreiber and aura Co-star, Bokeem Woodbine, has emphasized that costumes require a lot of preparation and training before wearing a suit, with Schreiber stating that he had to take a physical training bootcamp before filming, where he learned how to wear a suit. Handling the weapons used by the Master Chief and the other Spartans throughout the series.

auraSince its initial announcement, the Mjolnir armor has been one of the series’ best-known pieces, with few variations as the design has been a mainstay throughout the franchise’s nearly 20-year history. As such, Twitter’s Like button is a fitting way to celebrate the tribute series. with aura Season 2 shooting to begin in summer And with Schreiber ready to don the armor once again, fans and newcomers can expect to see more of Master Chief’s Mjolnir Mark VI armor in the future.

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