Halo Show is Paramount+’s most-watched original series ever in first 24 hours

The long-awaited and highly anticipated Halo series was a huge hit for Paramount+ as it broke the record for the streaming service in its first 24 hours.

aura What appears to be a huge hit for Paramount+ as the series is reporting it had its biggest premiere ever on the streaming service. Based on the popular video game series of the same name, aura Follows Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber) in a war between the United Nations Space Command and a military alliance of various advanced alien species known as the Covenant. The series premiered on the streaming service on March 24, 2022.

The series was in development for years, first announced in 2013 with Steven Spielberg producing. aura was originally developed for Showtime but Paramount+ . went on Given the high-profile science-fiction series as seen as a better fit for the streaming service, streamers have a variety of star trek Program. Paramount+ ran a massive marketing campaign for the series, including a Super Bowl spot, to attract viewers who have never played a video game to tune in to watch the series.

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The series seems to have garnered a lot of attention, as Paramount+ revealed. aura The first 24 hours became the service’s most-watched original series ever. Although no exact numbers or data were given, the streamer revealed that aura Records broken in the United States and internationally. Paramount+ Chief Programming Officer Tanya Giles released a statement celebrating the series’ record-breaking premiere. The statement can be read below:

“Bringing Halo to life as a streaming series has been one of the most rewarding efforts for Paramount+ to date and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the overwhelming response from fans for the series debut. Our phenomenal partners at Showtime With 343 Industry and Amblin Television, we can’t wait for fans to experience more of this incredible universe.”

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Paramount+ is a relatively new streaming service, as it is a rebrand of CBS All Access, which launched on October 28, 2017. The streamer has been promoted for some time as breaking records, as it happened in November 2021, Clifford the Big Red Dog Paramount+ . set a record for As the most viewed original film on the service. the streamer went ahead Star Trek: Discovery As their most-watched series, however, no metrics or data were given to track how many viewers watched the series. so while aura Set a record on Paramount+, it’s unclear how the series’ numbers stack up against other recent streaming series like peacemaker or Boba Fett. book of,

Still, it’s good for numbers aura As the series has already been renewed for Season 2 on Paramount+. The series’ massive premiere has been several factors, given the franchise’s 21-year history and, more recently, for video games, the fanbase eager to feel the game series in live-action, hello: infinite, potentially acting as a good bit of brand synergy showing interest in the property. Now, it will be interesting to see if the audience sticks to it aura and how the series will handle the competition like series Moon Knight,

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