GTA Online podium vehicle victory spoiled on first test drive

A GTA Online player tries to test a winning vehicle by spinning the lucky wheel, only to find that their car is immediately destroyed.

what seemed like a lucky day for one grand theft auto online When His Fresh Lucky Wheel Podium Was Won By Vehicle GTA Diamond Casino Was wasted on the first test drive. introduced to gta online During the Diamond Casino and Resort update in 2019, Diamond Casino has a lucky wheel that players can spin once a day for prizes.

The Diamond Casino and Resort Update introduced a variety of gambling-related features upon the launch of the online title, giving players the opportunity to win big in minigames such as blackjack, roulette and even slot machines. while eight years old gta online As the casino continues to remain popular for frequent updates, it is believed that there may be delays in the future. red dead online And gta online Update, This is reportedly due to Rockstar allocating more studio resources to fix a plethora of issues recently released. GTA Trilogy,

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reddit user spare basket371 shared a clip of their lucky moment at Diamond Casino that went horribly wrong gta 5 subreddit, where it quickly started catching the attention of players. The video begins with the Redditor heading to the casino parking lot to pick up his Peggasi Zorrusso, which he recently won big by spinning the lucky wheel. A few seconds after the extra-basket 371 begins to drive in their new roadster, the car explodes in a ball of flame, which has been the target of a missile flying aboard their Opressor Mk II. As an alert message informs Redditors that they have been killed, the screen turns gray, showing their killer fleeing the scene before chopping off the flaming husk of their Lucky Wheel prize.

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While luck often smiles upon them at Diamond Casino, it seems that Extra-Basket 371 isn’t the only one who has had his luck quickly after winning a podium vehicle, with a gta online lucky wheel mess Rob a player of their free car. Several Redditors mourned the misfortune of Extra-Basket371, with some reminding the unfortunate player to use the game’s passive mode to avoid meeting future casino prizes with a fiery death. Luckily, since all Lucky Wheel podiums come with vehicle insurance, a Redditor can simply request a replacement vehicle.

Los Santos’ casino continues to take fortunes to the extreme, and the explosive experience of Extra-Basket371 will undoubtedly serve as a reminder to future Lucky Wheel winners to check the skies before leaving the premises. However, it seems that the ability to leave the field is also dependent to some extent on luck, with a gta online mess player Inside Diamond Casino, forcing them to party endlessly with NPCs.

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gta online Available on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Source: extra-basket371/reddit

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