GTA 3 Phone Missions (and Marty Chonks) Explained

GTA 3 features memorable payphone missions given to protagonist Claude by Marty Chonks, who enlists players to help him fix his financial woes.

with the release of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition, New and returning players will have the chance to experience delicious twisted payphone missions involving Marty Chonks gta 3, gta 3 It was considered by some to be the start of the open-world era of sports, with rockstar packing material GTA’s Liberty City And letting the players run wild however they see fit. The game is full of bombing missions which have become synonymous with grand theft auto Titled over the years, but the more personal payphone missions portraying the character of Marty Chonks stand out among the crowd.

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Appears in Marty Chonks Grand Theft Auto 3 As one of the mission-givers, Claude enlists the help of him to commit some really killer criminal activity. Marty first contacts Claude by payphone in Liberty City’s Trenton district, introducing himself as the owner of the Bitch’n Dog food factory where Claude is taking calls. Marty claims he has run into trouble with his finances, and is meeting later with his bank manager who is raising his loan repayment prices and taking some for himself. The Chonks ask Claude to pick up the bank manager and bring him back to his factory so they can “Conversation” about things.

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after meeting the players gta 3s hero cloud To pick up the bank manager and drop him at Marty’s factory, the bank manager can be heard telling Marty “take your hand off me” And then a hoarse voice, indicating that Marty has killed the bank manager for stealing money from him. Claude is tasked with transporting the car he took to the bank manager to destroy it at the Harwood Autocrusher and Junkyard, seemingly getting rid of any evidence that leads the police to the manager’s disappearance. Might inspire him to join Marty. It looks like Marty’s problems would have been solved, but things get more complicated from there.

GTA 3 is entering Claude Marty's car

during the titular action mission “Thief,” uses the cloud its weird GTA Trilogy hotdog fingers To answer a new phone call from Marty on the same payphone and it is revealed that Marty had apparently hired two burglars to break into his apartment and steal some of his belongings so that he could collect the sum insured. However, the two thieves threaten to let the insurance company go unless Marty gives them a large chunk of money, and Marty can’t stand it. He begs Claude to take the thieves in the car provided by him and bring them back to his factory like he did with the bank manager, all to show them. “Marty’s point of view.”

Claude travels to the Red Light District to pick up the thieves and bring them to Marty’s factory as planned, and things end up being the same as the bank manager’s, in the sense that Marty murders them. Players then have to take Marty’s car and repaint it a different color to hide any evidence, and return the car to be parked at the factory once again. Marty’s money problem is still not solved, however, as Claude completes his mission, the payphone starts ringing once again.

During “Wife” in mission Grand Theft Auto 3, Marty claims that his business is about to end if he doesn’t get in some money soon. He says that his wife has an insurance policy he wants to get his hands on, and since she has never been anything but “hole in his pocket,“It’s time to deposit on insurance. Marty leaves Claude another car near his factory and asks him to pick up his wife in the classic Niels, who Claude does and brings it back to the factory. Mrs. Chonks goes inside and proceeds to be murdered by her husband, and Marty asks Claude to dump the car in the ocean to get rid of the evidence once again.

Marty Chonks being killed by Carl

To no one’s surprise, killing his wife didn’t solve all of the problems for Marty, who calls on Claude during the mission. “her lover” To explain that his wife was having an affair with a man named Carl, who owes her money. Marty arranges a meeting with Carl “Pay him” and asks Claude to visit once more gta 3s Liberty City Setting To pick up the man in another car which he has supplied. During Marty’s final conversation with Claude, he reveals that “The Dogs of Liberty is about to get another flavor this month!” After his impending conversation with Carl, which is the first indication of the fact that the man is turning his poop into dog food. This information takes an already messed up situation and cranks it up, driving home how neurotic Marty has become in his pursuit of financial gain.

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When Bring in of the GTA trilogy some weird looking carlo Back at the factory, Marty is actually standing outside his factory rather than inside, marking the first time that the players (and Claude) have actually seen the serial killer in person. Marty tries to appeal to Carl and gives him time to get money by inviting him inside his factory so they can talk more about some of the payment options. Carl refuses to go in, saying that it is too late for Marty to pay him and that he plans to take over the business at Marty’s place. In a karmic twist of fate, Carl pulls out a shotgun and shoots Marty in the chest, while Claude watches from the car, kills Marty where he stands and ends his serial killer ways. Players can choose to either let Carl survive or even kill him, which involves killing Mrs. Chonks’ lover, who rewards Claude with a new shotgun.

Participating in these missions to help Marty kill all the people who were allegedly harassing him has certainly taken a turn, making Claude a very obvious ally to a newly minted serial killer. has gone. In Grand Theft Auto 3, In the early Payphone missions, Marty’s commitment to his lust for money blinds him to the fact that he is causing more problems on top of his financial woes, but more so as Claude and the player become trapped in their crimes. , it proves that he really does realize what he’s doing and just doesn’t care, until he finally gets his money. It is later revealed that he is not only killing these individuals, but is also actively turning them into dog food to avoid leaving any traces of his crimes for the police, indicating that he Even more evil than the players are usually given a level of forethought. Marty Chonks is one of the more memorable side characters gta 3, And players will get to experience their twisted story once again Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition.

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