Grey’s Anatomy proved there would be life after Meredith

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 showed how even though Meredith is involved in the events that take place in Gray Sloan, she isn’t central, which can be a good thing.

WARNING: FOR SPOILERS gray’s anatomy Season 18.

gray’s anatomy Season 18 episode 15, “Put It to the Taste,” may have revealed Meredith’s shocking decision to leave Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital, but it also proved that if it did, gray’s anatomy Could have survived without him. Being a titular character and one of three still on the show gray’s anatomy Season 1, Meredith Gray was always front and center of everything that happened at the Gray Sloan Memorial. still, gray’s anatomy Meredith’s storyline in Seasons 17 and 18 was different from that of Gray Sloan, even when she spent most of the time there, such as when she was battling Covid-19 in Season 17.

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Although she has been confirmed to reprise her role as Meredith. gray’s anatomy Season 19, it’s a fact Ellen Pompeo believes gray’s anatomy must end, While viewers will see her as Meredith once again, gray’s anatomy It seems to be preparing for a future where Meredith may no longer be engaged to Gray Sloan. Despite starting out working at the Gray Center in Minnesota, Meredith was adamant in telling everyone that she wasn’t leaving Gray Sloan by working there half-time, because Parkinson’s research was too important of an opportunity. still, gray’s anatomy Episode 15 of Season 18 sees Meredith surprisingly realizing that it is time for her to leave the place that allows her to grow into a surgeon, as Gray Sloan’s men always watched her. that she became, rather than what she was as a resident.

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Meredith may still remain a part of gray’s anatomy Season 19, but the story of Seasons 17 and 18 begins to prepare viewers for a world where Meredith is less central. gray’s anatomy season 18 Episode 15 proved that Gray Sloan Memorial can still be great and show off to its best qualities even without Meredith. Eventually, Nick Marsh’s (Scott Speedman) state-of-the-art xenotransplant takes place in Gray Sloan, thanks to Meredith, but Meredith was the only thing Meredith did when the Medical Accreditation Council tried to avoid placing Gray Sloan’s residency program on probation.

Gray Sloan Memorial Head of the Department of Grey's Anatomy

gray’s anatomy Seasons 17 and 18 began to focus more on how the stories of the other central characters connected to the Gray Sloan Memorial. It details her transfer from general surgery to obstetrics inside the hospital with Joe (Camilla Luddington), making her a candidate for an interview with the Medical Accreditation Council. Gray Sloan’s Residence Program, His contributions, along with other doctors, made examiners realize how deeply Gray Sloan’s doctors value their residents and their program.

similarities can be found between gray’s anatomy Season 18 and the show in its heyday. gray’s anatomy In season 18 episode 15, Richard (James Pickens Jr.) drops his cognitive and physical evaluations to help Levi (Jake Borelli) help her mother after she falls from the stairs. The continued care that Richard showed Levi after leaving the hospital is a reminder of how the doctors gray’s anatomyThe earlier seasons of the U.S. treated their residents, not abandoning them even when they made huge mistakes.

Despite the care of the examiners of the Medical Accreditation Council Gray Sloan MonumentThe U.S. personnel showed their residents and, recognizing this, they still had to have a residency program on probation due to a lack of physicians’ material. Still, it allowed the Gray Sloan Memorial to show how it hasn’t changed much where it matters, and it does so without the massive involvement of protagonist Meredith Grey. in doing so, gray’s anatomy Even leaving Meredith, paved the way for great potential.

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