Grand Theft Auto cosplay recreates the iconic GTA Vice City style

A user on Reddit posted an image in which a cosplayer recreates Tommy Versetti’s famous look and the Miami-inspired setting of Vice City.

A cosplayer from Reddit has recreated the iconic look of Grand Theft Auto Vice City, with a photo that mimics the main character and the city inspired by Miami. The 2002 game was critically acclaimed when it was initially released and has become one of the most-loved entries in the famous franchise. The setting has recently come to the fore, with several leaks suggesting the next grand theft auto The installment may be set in Vice City, although Rockstar has never confirmed where. Grand Theft Auto 6 will take place.

A group of Redditors have already attempted to compare the potential size of Grand Theft Auto 6 Map with Los Santos Grand Theft Auto V, despite the fact that no official map information is available. Using seemingly leaked details about the upcoming game, Redditors were able to calculate the map’s potential size using the landmark of Los Santos, with measurements suggesting that the leaked map was significantly smaller in size. Is.

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reddit user real lively A photo posted online shows a man dressed Grand Theft Auto Vice City The cosplay gives him an almost perfect look of the game’s main character, Tommy Varsetti. Photograph shows cosplayer standing in front of a hotel which is incredibly accurate compared to what is seen grand theft auto Title, with similar design and color scheme. Varsity was first added to the series in its 2002 release and has become one of the most popular characters.

in other grand theft auto News, Microsoft appears to have Grand Theft Auto V Will drop Xbox Game Pass In the near future. The title has previously left service after making its debut in January 2020, but returned in April 2021. While the game is only available for a short time, it fits in with Rockstar’s previous strategy when it comes to adding games to Xbox Game Pass. , with titles like red dead redemption 2 Available only for a few months.

with a lot of speculation that the latest grand theft auto The game will take place in Vice City, it makes sense that fans are returning to the old game in various ways in anticipation of its release. Of course, the 2002 title is so popular that it’s a regular choice when it comes to fan creation and cosplayers, regardless of whether the setting will make one. back in Grand Theft Auto 6.

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Source: real lively/reddit

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