Ghostwire: Tokyo – How to get more Magtama

In addition to skill points, players will need to get more magatama in Ghostwire: Tokyo to unlock the ultimate upgrade to Akito’s best skills.

In Ghostwire: TokyoAkito needs to find ways to get more magtamas to break the skill locks imposed on many powers Ability, Ether Weave, and Equipment Trees, All combat, stealth and mobility mechanics revolve around the skills that Akito has in his arsenal thanks to Keke Ghostwire: Tokyo, While Skill Points are used to upgrade Ability, Ether Wave, and everything in the Equipment Tree, there are some skills that require Magatama before they can be used.

in particular, only best skill upgrade Ghostwire: Tokyo Magtamas are required, such as Glide Summon Tengu, Glide Duration Boost II, and more. Mostly, locked skills are often the ones that greatly improve that power for Akito, which is why it’s important to get as many magatamas as possible. Unfortunately, obtaining Magatama isn’t necessarily as easy as getting the skill points themselves, which are earned each time Akito levels up.

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Any skill lock can cost between three and seven magatamas to unlock, and unlike Skill Points, only one can be earned at a time. This makes upgrading each skill to its final stage problematic, but the good news is that players can actually earn both skill points and magatama at the same time. To get Magatama, players will need some side quests, which also reward XP and spirits that can help Akito levels up fast Ghostwire: Tokyo,

Every Side Quest That Rewards Magatama in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Every Side Quest That Rewards Magatama in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Not every side quest rewards Megatama, but there is a simple way to determine which quest rewards them, along with all other items Akito can earn for completing a given side quest. As players continue to explore the city, they will discover various sides from Restless Spirits or Ed, which can be initiated immediately by negotiating with the appropriate party green icon In more Ghostwire: Tokyo, Before starting any side quest, players should open their map and look at the side quest they are about to take. Map Ghostwire: Tokyo Will list before accepting the prizes for actually exploring that side.

Additionally, as more shrines are cleaned Ghostwire: TokyoMore quests and their rewards will be revealed on the map. For example, while crimson moon Side quests do not reward any magatama, fallout 4 vault suit Ghostwire: Tokyo A reward is listed for completing this particular quest. Be sure to double-check the map and highlight the appropriate side quests. Ghostwire: Tokyo To get more Magatama as soon as possible.

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Ghostwire: Tokyo Available on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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