Ghostwire: Tokyo – How to find more Jizo statues (the fast way)

Ghostwire: There are 52 Jizo figurines to find scattered throughout Tokyo, and they each enhance Akito’s weaving abilities of air, fire, or water ether.

In Ghostwire: TokyoIt’s important to find more Jizo statues faster to upgrade Akito’s ethereal weaving abilities as quickly as possible. Whenever players cross paths with a Jizo statue, they will be able to pray on the figure to receive a blessing that permanently increases the total ability of the three ethereal weavers to one. There are red, green, and blue jizo figurines to represent Akito’s three elemental abilities, and they enhance the ethereal weave that corresponds to each color.

no matter what skills or abilities are unlocked Ghostwire: Tokyo, No upgrade provides the same benefits as Jizo Idols. Additionally, even though the statues are scattered throughout Tokyo, there are certain areas mentioned by shrines where Akito will be nowhere to be found. Since there are 30 Wind, 15 Water, and seven Fire Jizo statues to find, it’s just as important for players to know where to find them as it is to know how to find them quickly.

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First and foremost, players will need to clear the appropriate shrine in order to determine whether the Jizo statues are in the area. Once the Shrine has been cleaned, it will indicate what can be found in its dedicated area, including the number of items that are needed or are yet to be found. Therefore, if a Jizo statue is not listed on the Shrine’s icon Ghostwire: Tokyo open world mapWell, it’s time to move on to the next area. If there are Jizo Shrines in the area, there are additional steps players can take to find them more quickly.

Find Jizo statues with skills and offer boxes in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Find Jizo statues with skills and offer boxes in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Once the temple is cleaned, search around the temple to look for a white gift box. The boxes cost Micah to use, but they will reveal the exact locations of the Jizo statues in that shrine area. Players can use the spectral vision ability to more easily locate the offering box as they will be outlined like every other interactable thing. Ghostwire: Tokyo. Unfortunately, boxes are not available at every shrine containing Jizo statues.

If players can’t find an offering box, the next best thing to do is to use Spectral Vision in the total area of ​​the Shrine. By fast leveling Ghostwire: TokyoPlayers can upgrade the Spectral Vision ability to reach a radius of 50 meters around Akito. There are a few different forms in the game of Jizo statues, but it is easiest to identify them with the ability of the KK as they stand strictly above the ground and often have a rounded top or are placed in a wooden shrine. Is. Finally, a great indicator that a Jizo statue may be in the area is if many visitors are also in the immediate vicinity of Akito’s vision.

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Ghostwire: Tokyo Available on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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