Ghosts’ Rebecca Wisocki teases what’s next after that furious quest – E! Online

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And we’re not impressed by this story line alone, as Viskey exclusively told E! News that the cast was blown away by the fiery end of Alias.

“I love the way Jay says, ‘I love it when the mythology expands,'” she shared. “Which is on the nose, but it’s very true. I think it’s something that will surprise fans—it definitely blew our minds when we found out about it.”

But how will this affect the ghosts going forward? According to Wisocky, it’s unclear.

“In a way you can assume that the ghosts will be obsessed with this new idea,” she explained. “And on the other hand, to their credit or fault, they may just proceed the way they have been doing every day for the last, some of them, thousands of years.”

To which Visocki said, “And it’s human nature, because there’s not much they can do about it.”

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