Get Ready, Nicolas Cage Just Got the Best Role in Universal Monsters Movie

Casting can be absurdly easy, or at least it seems when you marry an actor like Nicolas Cage to a role like Dracula. Some of you may be waiting for this kind of dynamite collaboration to happen, which is why the next announcement is something we’re very happy to break. Get ready, because Nicolas Cage played the right part in it An upcoming Universal Monsters movie, And yes, it’s Count Dracula himself.

Freshly Announced by heart, the Academy Award-winning freak plays Vlad the Impaler at Universal rainfield, In author Bram Stoker’s more modern take on the relationship between the famous bloodsucker and his acquaintance, Cage, Cage would be paired with another Nichols, as Great Nicholas Hoult would Playing the central role of Renfield, Not only does it feel perfect for Nick Cage’s resume, but pitting Castor Troy against a war boy in a potentially comical story about a vampire absolutely sounds like a recipe for excitement.

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