George Clooney clarifies about media sharing photos of his kids after Billie Lourd dealt with the same thing

One of the most basic, fundamental instincts of parents is to protect their children and, in today’s society, technologies like the Internet and social media add too many layers and complexity to that basic need for protection. This is the toughest for celebrity parents, as they struggle to protect their children from the press. George Clooney, who has 4-year-old twins with wife Amlo, shortly after photos of Billie Lourd’s 1-year-old baby were published recently became clear about the media sharing snapshots of their babies.

While some parents and even celebrities, Post openly about your kids And put your face on social media, many people choose not to do so. The Internet is a huge place, and privacy is almost impossible to come by, which is why celebrities like Katherine Schwartzeneger and Chris Pratt find creative ways To post about your child while maintaining your privacy. George Clooney, in an open letter to the Daily Mail and other similar media outlets (via) Today), asked publications not to publish photos of their twins. what is here actor turned director Says, word for word:

After seeing photos of Billie Lourd’s 1-year-old baby in your publication, and the fact that you later took those photos down, we would request you to refrain from putting our babies’ faces in your publication. I am a public figure and often accept intrusive photos as part of the price I pay for doing my job. Our children have made no such commitment.

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