Gabby and Rachel shop for husband in first Bachelorette trailer – E! online

gabby windy And Rachel Rachia turned into a pair of mean girls,

in the trailer 16th season of The Bachelorettein which Gabby and Rachel will Both First Act As The Bachelorette In A Franchise, Channel Two Friends Rachel Mcadams As Regina George from the 2004 classic film.

“Get in the loser, we’re going shopping,” Rachel says, copying Regina’s iconic “Get in Loser, We’re Going Shopping” line.

“For a husband,” Gabby jokingly replies.

What are the features in the trailer LizzoIn “Water Me,” Gabby and Rachel are seen wearing rose-patterned clothes while loading items into a car with a license plate that reads “BFF” on it.

As Gabby and Rachel toss flowers in the air, the tagline is “Two best friends. An incredible journey. It’s a metal petal this season.” splash on the screen.

We love a good flower bud.

the trailer was posted on instagramwhere new Bachelorette host Jesse Palmer Commented: “I’m coming along (I’m hiding in the trunk…)”

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