Friends’ Thanksgiving Episodes Ranked From Worst to Best – E! Online

From the sweat of Joey’s flesh to a hilarious guest appearance brad pitt, To express too much in too few words. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. “The One with the Rummer” begins with Monica announcing that she will not cook the turkey because half the gang doesn’t want it. Unhappy with this, Joy changes Monica’s mind by promising to kill the entire bird.

Meanwhile, Monica, Ross and Rachel’s high school mate Will (Pitt) joins them. However, Will is upset to learn that Rachel is present, as she was not very good with him in high school. During the meal, Will reveals that he and Ross were at the “I Hate Rachel” club and a rumor started that she was an intersexual. (Note: This part of the plot didn’t age well.) Before Rachel becomes completely annoyed, Monica reminds her friend that she started a rumor about Ross and the 50-year-old librarian—the rumor that There was no, per Ross’ confession.

Problematic jokes aside, the dynamic between then-married Pitt and Aniston was pretty funny.

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