Friends: How Was Phoebe and Ursula’s Twin Scene Filmed?

Lisa Kudrow played Phoebe and Ursula Buffet in Friends, and their scenes together required some old tricks and the help of someone close to her.

Phoebe Buffett was the only one in the main group friend to be twins, but since Lisa Kudrow played both Phoebe and Ursula Buffet, how were their joint scenes filmed? Produced by David Crane and Marta Kaufman, friend Debuted on NBC in 1994 and ended in 2004 after 10 successful seasons. friend remains quite popular, and its time Netflix Introduced it to the new generation. The beloved sitcom has since gone in hbo max,

friend Six young adults in New York City do their best to navigate through adulthood, messing with their social, professional, and personal lives. Of the six friends, Phoebe was the group’s most eccentric and one with the most complicated family history. Phoebe didn’t have a good relationship with her twin sister, Ursula, who was the exact opposite of her. Phoebe’s twin, Ursula, did not appear friend Often, and when she did, she was rude to Phoebe and often cut their conversation short.

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Both characters were played by Lisa Kudrow and, for the scenes where Phoebe and Ursula appeared together, the production crew used some good old TV magic and Kudrow to film the believable joint scenes between Phoebe and her twin. Enlisted the help of another family member.

Friend: Lisa Kudrow’s sister was her double

friends ursula buffet

Ursula’s scene friend was often next to Phoebe, but since Lisa Kudrow is not a twin, the production team had to use a few tricks to sell the idea. In some cases, the production used the split-screen method. Other times, Lisa Kudrow shot both parts, but to make the dialogue believable, she played the double character of the opposite character. Whenever Phoebe and Ursula had scenes together, the shot would include Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Double up, or vice versa, with his back facing the camera and his back towards the camera. Kudrow would act out the scene as each part, and then the takes would be edited together. This created the illusion that Phoebe and her twin were together in the shot. Lisa Kudrow’s double was her older sister, Helen, who was largely identical and set out to be a reliable double.

in an interview with ew In 2019, friend Director Kevin S. Bright revealed that Lisa Kudrow didn’t enjoy filming scenes with Phoebe’s twin because she didn’t like starring with a double. It was more difficult for him because his sister was his double because Bright said that the tension “He had put more in his head at the time because of his sister being double.“While this awkwardness and discomfort did not translate into the final product, and Phoebe and Ursula’s addition friend The visuals served their purpose. If they were ever weird, it was because the on-screen twins had a relationship like that; The best relationship between Phoebe and Ursula was strained. Luckily for Lisa Kudrow, friend Phoebe’s twins weren’t that much involved, so she only had to go through that process a couple of times.

Friends: Ursula’s interpretation of Phoebe’s twin

With clever camera moves and the use of Lisa Kudrow’s actual sister as the double that created the on-screen scenes between Phoebe and Ursula Buffett friend Given the possible explanation, one might wonder why Phoebe’s character had a twin in the first place. Since Ursula’s cameos were few and far between, the character of Phoebe was not necessarily defined by her being a twin. The story behind Ursula’s existence is actually tied to another 90s sitcom, mad about You,

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Ursula Buffet was made for mad about You, which aired on NBC from 1992 to 1999. When Lisa Kudrow was later cast as Phoebe in 1994, she was still active mad about You, Like this friend The creators thought it would be an interesting crossover to have Phoebe and Ursula exist in the same universe as both lived in New York City and were played by the same actors. Making Phoebe and Ursula twins on the show friend There was a simple way to explain the existence of two characters played by Lisa Kudrow in two different sitcoms running at the same time.

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