Friend: How did Joey pay for the boat (is this a plot hole?)

In Friends Season 6, Joey unintentionally buys Mr. Beaumont, a $20,000 boat. But, how could Joy ever expect to buy something like this?

towards the end of Friend Season 6, Joey unintentionally spends $20,000 on a boat at a silent auction, and although he is in love with “Mr. Beaumont,” it is hard to imagine how actor Joy, who is constantly out of work, would have tolerated this. in Friend Season 7, Rachel teaches Joy to sail, which means she clearly kept the boat and intended to pay it in full. But, how did Joy actually pay for the boat?

Although Matt LeBlanc’s character did not usually work as an actor, and Joey was often owed Chandler money, he took some pretty big breaks from time to time. One such break, despite its early cancellation, was a show called “Mac and CHEESE” in which Joy plays a detective opposite a robot partner. “Mac & Cheese” premiered just before Joy bought Mr. Beaumont, and shortly thereafter, Joy had another brief glimmer of success, when her character on “Days of Our Lives” was revived from her permanent coma. it was done.

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It is possible that Friend Joy paid for her boat using her hard earned money in conjunction with her earnings for Mac and CHEESE These two rare moments of success for Joy occurred relatively close to each other and right before and after. Sometimes-Controversial Joy Spoke by mistake for Mr. Beaumont. Although, Friend never directly connects these points, so it is possible that the author of Friend It was never intended to answer this question about Joy’s boat.

Joy’s acting career is portrayed in a relatively realistic light Friend, This is by no means portrayed as a plan to get rich quickly. However, by the end of Friend, Joy has managed to build a respectable career for herself. It is possible that while Friend Never addressed this directly, Joey may have been able to funnel some of his past earnings toward Mr. Beaumont on shows like “Days of Our Lives.” though later FriendJoy’s spin-off shows he’s still trying to hit big as an actor, so it’s possible that Joey has found career stability Friend Season 6 was exactly what led him to make the impulsive decision to keep the boat despite not being able to afford it initially.

On the contrary, it is always possible that Friend Just didn’t directly choose how Joey paid for his boat because it ultimately wasn’t relevant to the show’s ongoing story. around this time Friend Seasons 6 and 7, Monica and Chandler had just got engaged and the two were, essentially, the main follow-up story of the series at the time. As an episodic series, an extended story about Joey struggling to pay for Mr. Beaumont might not have sounded all that appealing. Friend Show to Focus for Joy at that time.

Whatever the actual explanation, Mr. Beaumont’s impulsive purchase by Joy was certainly a stretch for the character at the time. However, when Joey begins to earn consistent acting credits during later seasons, it’s easy enough to justify the purchase. FriendIt is also clear to see that Friend The writers weren’t interested in taking the story forward, and with good reason. If in-universe viewers could believe Joey was a doctor days of Our LivesWhy waste time explaining how Joy can buy a boat and pay for it?

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