Fortnite: Where to campfire near various hatcheries (Week 7 Legendary Quest)

Later in the Fortnite Season 7 Week 7 Legendary Quest storyline, players will have to revisit two hatchery locations and set up a campfire to warm up.

As part of Bushranger’s unique strategy to deal with an alien invasion fortnite Season 7, players must return to the hatchery they have built and move on to another to ignite the campfire. NS Mythological quest in fortnite Season 7 Provided some of the biggest XP bonuses available this season, but also allowed players to participate directly in the story of the alien invasion. Each week, players help various NPCs in their own unique ways to thwart, welcome, or help the aliens. In Week 7, Bushranger will be the player to build and introduce hatcheries to raise alien parasites. After a few steps by the players building the hatchery, Bushranger will ask them to return and set up or burn a campfire there.

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Stoking Campfire fortnite Season 7 will require 30 wood materials, so players should be prepared to do some harvesting. This Legendary Quest is somewhat unique in that it takes place in the same three locations as the earlier Legendary Quest in the Bushranger sequence, but cannot be completed at the same time. As a reward for helping him, Bushranger will reward players with 30,000 XP. season 7 battle pass when the work is done. Here’s How to Make a Campfire Near the Hatchery in Week 7 fortnite Season 7.

How to Make a Campfire Near the Hatchery in Fortnite Season 7

Fortnite Season 7.  A player set a campfire in

To have a campfire near the hatchery in week 7 fortnite Season 7, players must make sure they have enough wood. There are two ways to do this. Easiest to complete the quest Fortnite’s Updated Team Rumble Mode. Despite recent changes, players still start matches with 150 of each material. This will be enough wood to complete the challenge, with some left over. Otherwise, players will want to use their harvesting tools to break down trees and wooden furniture to get enough wood to fire.

Players must return two out of a possible three first week 7 hatchery construction site from legendary quest. Three are located inside the huts and cottages on the shores of the construction site. fortnite island. It would be easiest for players to return to the site where they built their first hatchery and another location. Players will find hatcheries at the following locations:

  • On the small island northeast of Stealthy Citadel and northwest of Craggy Cliffs.
  • On the small island directly south of Slurpy Swamp.
  • On the hills southeast of Retail Row, on the southeast coast of the map.

Since all three of these locations are so far away on the map, players will either have to complete the challenge over several matches or plan to drive a car. fly a ufo To reach both in the same match.

Fortnite.  A player uses the campfire in

Outside each hatchery location, players must see the campfire. Although the wording of the Quest tells players to put out the fire, some players have found that lighting it also counts for completing this challenge. As an added bonus, players who have taken any damage will get some health back when lighting a campfire that hasn’t been lit yet. To light a campfire fortnitePlayers simply need to approach and interact with the 30 Wood in their inventory.

Once player two sets up or lit a campfire near the hatchery, it fortnite Week 7 The Legendary Quest will register in full, and players will receive their 30,000 XP. They’ll then unlock the final quest in the story, which tasks them with collecting parenting books at Holy Hatchery or Retail Row.

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