Fortnite: How to Ignite Players (The Easy Way)

An easy way to ignite another player in Fortnite is to use Firefly Jar. To obtain these flame-grenade jars, players must collect wild fireflies.

fortnite It offers an endless amount of challenges and quests to complete, and one possible objective that can be assigned to players is to ignite an enemy player. In the past, players could fire other players using the Dragon’s Breath shotgun or the Sniper, alien versions of standard weapons purchased from Blaze. However, In Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1, players will need to use flammable ammunition from the natural environment – fireflies.

Added to the game in June 2020, Firefly is a collectible resource in the jungle. Players can approach the creatures and hold the interact button to collect them into the Firefly Jar. The firefly jar can then be used as a throwable explosive to set fire to players and nearby flammable objects such as wooden structures. At first, me Chapter 2, players can find fireflies in abundance in Weeping Woods and at the Scenic Landmark north of the Corny Complex. However, due to the changes and update in Fortnite Chapter 3, Players will have to discover different locations.

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An easy way to ignite players in fortnite Team Rumble is doing a game mode, which can be found in the “By Epic” category. While playing in this more casual battle royale, head to a snowy forested area southwest of Corny Square. Here, players can get a lot of fireflies to catch firefly jar flame grenades. Collect as many as you need and start tossing them to ignite them on players or on their structures to burn them slowly.

Strategies to Ignite Opponents in Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 Fireflies Use Ignite Players

Throw Firefly Jar at an enemy player unless they are completely stationary or moving in the same direction can be somewhat challenging fortnite, Even if the player manages to throw an accurate throw, their opponent may jump/dodge out of the way or build walls for safety. Players must equip their Firefly Jar and prepare for an attack hidden behind a tree or within a bush to counter such reactions. Remember to choose a location where the player’s current skin or outfit matches well with the environment.

Once an unwitting opponent approaches, players will have the perfect opportunity to pitch firefly jars at their enemy, ignite them, and deal damage in the process. Once the enemy player is on fire, continue to throw the remaining jars at them to distract them or use the equipped in primary or secondary weapons fortnite to put an end to them.

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fortnite Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS and Android.

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