Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins dead at 50 – E! Online

However, everything he worked for almost crashed in 2001 when he consumed a heroin overdose, leaving him in a coma for two weeks. “I wasn’t like a junkie myself, but I was partying,” he later recalled. apple music beats 1, “Here was a year where partying got a little overwhelming. Thank goodness this guy on some level gave me the wrong line with the wrong thing one night and I woke up, ‘What the f—k happened?’ That was a real turning point for me.”

In fact, more will change for the better: in 2005, he married his wife. allison and later both welcomed the children oliver, Annabelle And everleigh, which consistently inspired his later work. “When I was 25, I never thought, ‘I’m going to be a suburban dad someday,'” he said. Board in 2019. “But that’s who I am, so I can’t write about being young and going to clubs, and I’m not very political. It’s all kind of tongue-in-cheek though.”

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