Flashback Endings Explained: What Was the Last Choice?

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This article contains spoilers remembrance and its end. Read no further if you haven’t seen the Dylan O’Brien movie yet!

Christopher McBride’s film remembrance Dylan O’Brien stars as Fred Fitzel, a young man who goes back to his past in search of answers about a missing girl. ito leads to a sad story About the illusion of time, the burden of growing up, and the choices we make, consciously or unconsciously, that define us. remembrance Left audience ending with a lot to ponder.

remembrance The ending, and the film in general, allows the audience to interpret it in many ways. Viewers can watch the film as a story teen who’s having a bad drug trip, or as a film about grief and bereavement and the way we try to avoid it. remembrance He is all and more but his heart lies in the power of choice. let’s explore remembrance The ending and why choice is such an important part of the story of this film.

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