Fish with human teeth

Have you ever seen fish with human teeth?

Pacu fish present in most rivers and streams within the basins of lowland Amazonia. The difference is clear within the structure of their tooth. Piranha has pointed razor-sharp teeth whereas Pacu have squarer, straighter teeth that eerily resemble those of humans.

Pacu makes use of its tooth primarily to crush nuts and fruits, however typically in addition they eat different fish and invertebrates. They often eat floating fruits and nuts that drop from timber within the Amazon, and on a number of events had been reported to assault the testicles of male swimmers mistaking them to be floating nuts. This has earned them the identify of “ball-cutter” after they castrated a few native fishermen in Papua New Guinea.

Fish with human teeth

One toddler wanted surgery after a pacu bit her finger at Edinburgh Butterfly and Insect World in Scotland. Pacus are legal to own within the USA can be bought in aquarium shops and are simple to rise.

fish with human teeth

The trouble is quite a few aquarium owners are unaware that Pacu’s can develop as much as four toes lengthy, which is way too giant for a typical residence aquarium. A completely-grown has robust, heavy grinders set within the rear of the jaw too, that are notably vital for crushing the shells of its prey. As with people, this distinctive mixture of teeth helps the sheepshead process a wide-ranging, omnivorous diet consisting of a wide range of vertebrates, invertebrates and a few plant materials.

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