Find out why Bachelorette Rachel Reckia knocked contestant Hayden out of the competition – E! online

There’s nothing that City of Light can’t fix – at least for a while.

Later Controversial episode of 25 July The Bachelorettein which rest of the group of men was divided into two groups – one for Gabby Windyfor one Rachel Rachia– Vibes attempted to reset itself in Paris.

With Rachel still grappling with last week’s rose ceremony, in which She was rejected by three different menhe called her with a one-on-one date Tino A chance to “get things back on track”. The two made crepes together, kissed on a bridge in the rain and bonded over their ideas of work/life balance, before Rachel gave Tino a rose.

Consider getting things back on track.

Gabby picked up Jason For her face-to-face date in Paris, which included custom fitting for Berry, kissing on a carousel and diving deeper into why Jason keeps things near the vest. Their conversation was a bit stilted and awkward, but ultimately rewarding, and Gabby gave Jason her rose.

Love blooms in Paris!

When it came time for Gabby’s group date, her men did their best to fight for their love—quite literally. The group was taught the art of French boxing, called a civet, before shaking hands with each other. However, it was the action outside the ring that attracted the most attention.

Rachel and her group arrived to watch the festivities, but people were more interested in boxing than Rachel. When they didn’t give her the time of day, she broke down saying, “I don’t know why I feel more insecure, more desperate. The Bachelorette than I was being in favor of being a competitor Claytonweather of, In fact, it made me feel more wanted than these guys.”

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