Find out the real reason Markle skipped 12 Christmas dates – E! Online

Sometimes a dozen dates just isn’t enough.

spoilers: 12 Dates of Christmas Fromgive a seat Star Markel Smith Revealed exclusively for E! why did he leave the news hbo max Dating competition series halfway through.

“My decision to leave the show was based solely on analyzing my relationship with everyone at the lodge and looking at potential daters there,” Merkel explained on November 22. “I think when it came down to it, my feelings for me ended up trumping any of the connections I had made at the lodge.”

The New York-based dentist said, “The biggest thing I learned during this experience is that for a relationship to be successful, chemistry isn’t enough, love isn’t enough. It’s so much more than an attraction and a connection.” It takes more. A serious relationship to be successful. That’s when I decided to leave and find someone else to potentially fall in love with or take someone home for the holidays.”

One of Merkel’s suitors, pinizzo, was promoted to new lead for finding someone special to take home for the holidays.

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