Final Fantasy XIV: How to get the Ureys coat?

The Uraeus coat is one of the most accessible options for Principal Pirate’s body slot, the theme of the week 221 for Fashion Report at FFXIV.

The Urius Coat is a Glamor Body Piece FINAL FANTASY XIV Fashion Report considered the most accessible apparel alternative to the “Shiver Wood” of Week 221’s theme “Principled Pirate.” This coat has a sturdy yet posh seafaring look with a pop-up collar and semi-exposed chest area. This single-set armor piece is colorable, making it highly versatile for a variety of glam themes or cosplay ideas FINAL FANTASY XIV, So, those who buy Ureys coats for Fashion Report’s principal pirate theme will find even more stylish uses after the weekly contest concludes.

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The Ureys Coat is a specially crafted item, which means that the only way to obtain this Glamor item is to either purchase it from other players via the Market Board or become a Master Leatherworker. Naturally, the price will depend on the data center and will fluctuate with the demand rate. Nevertheless, the coat currently sells with a minimum average cost of 21,000 gil, with the highest price exceeding 70,000 gil.

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To craft Eureus coat in FINAL FANTASY XIV, Leatherworkers of Light will need at least level 50 with the required control of 255. The materials needed to make the Glamor Coat are: Urius Leather × 2, Dodor Leather × 1, Undyed Woolen Cloth × 2, Woolen Yarn × 1, and Rose Gold Nugget × 2. Additionally, the crafting process requires Earth Crystal ×3 and Wind Crystal ×2.

FFXIV. Construction of Ureyas coat in

Theoretical Pirates for Final Fantasy XIV Eureus Coat Fashion Report Week 221

First up, Urius Leather is a Level 43 Leatherworker recipe made using Urius Skin and a reagent called Black Alumen. Ureyus Skin can be purchased from Level 50 Duty, The Wanderers Palace, and Black Alumnus comes from the Level 40 Mineral Deposit at South Shroud near Quarmill at x:28.6, y:22.7. Next, Dodor Leather is crafted using Dodor Wings and Black Aluminum. Dodor Wings are a rare resource found in chests ffxivaurum valeLevel 47’s Dungeon arrival,

Undyed woolen fabric comes from wool yarn that is made from wool. The Orneri Karakuls herd at X:28.1,Y:13.4 in the Corthas Central Highlands, an excellent good place for wool cultivation. Finally, gold nuggets are refined metals combined with gold and copper ores. Gold ore can be mined in East Thanalan at X:28, Y:22, and Copper Ore is located in Central Thanalan near Spineless Basin at coordinates: X:19.5, Y:26.0.

Keep in mind that the Urius Coat isn’t the only option for body slots this week fashion report ffxiv, Players can also use Pagos shirts, Griffin leather coats or Kirimu coats. However, purchasing these items can be a bit more challenging than the Urius Coat.

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FINAL FANTASY XIV Available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam or Square Enix’s official website.

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