Fifty Shades’ Jamie Dornan Got a Little Jealous of Robert Pattinson’s Post-Twilight Career in Hollywood

If you didn’t know it already, fifty Shades of Grey The Books Actually Started as Fan Fiction Based on Stephanie Meyers’ dusk Books, after the success of dusk As a franchise on the big screen, Universal adapted the trilogy to star Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. NS fifty Shades Movies came and went, leaving Dornan with a similar feat Robert Pattinson had to deal with before him: building a career after becoming too famous and beloved for a specific character.

Jamie Dornan’s latest role is that of Kenneth Branagh Belfast, an upcoming black-and-white film about living in Northern Ireland in the ’60s. It is a critically acclaimed film and one of the many influential projects Dornan has booked in the past. fifty Shades The film came in 2018. recently when we were talking the new York Times However, Dornan shared that he’s a little jealous of how Pattinson has navigated it for the past decade. In his words:

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I felt like he and his men played it so cleverly. Everything he’s done since Twilight is really smart and beautifully crafted, and he wouldn’t have been financed in his name if it weren’t for these movies that made billions of dollars.

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