Fast X’s Vin Diesel Reflects on Paul Walker’s Legacy and Reveals a Character Who Was Almost Excluded from Upcoming Film

For a long time, fast and furious There were two lead roles: Paul Walker’s Brian O’Connor and Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto, their life journeys intersecting in the 2001s. the fast and the Furious, Sadly, Walker passed in 2013, and furious 7 Marked his character’s final appearance in the franchise (except him) driving at the end of F9) Diesel still going strong as Dom in Main fast and furious film series, and with now officially titled fast x Beginning principal photography, he is reflecting on Walker’s legacy, as well as revealing a character who was virtually excluded from what was previously known. fast and furious 10,

Starting with Paul Walker, it has been almost a decade since his death from injuries sustained in a car accident. Vin Diesel pays tribute to Walker several times over the years, both in public and on social media, and in this latest reflection that he shared instagramDiesel talked about how he continues to respect both Walker and his family, saying:

Not a day goes by when I don’t want to turn back time, talk about going back to L.A. on Thanksgiving weekend to Pablo… every fast movie I make always honors my brother Pablo . In the real world, I will always take care of his family, because in the real world he is family. When her daughter tells me to take her down the island… I burst into tears, and then do it with pride and honor… when her mother asks me to bring Brian back on screen. .. well, I don’t need to tell you how seriously I take this. The upbringing could never have happened here without the deep love and brotherhood between Dom and Brian, established in 2001.

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