Fans calling for Robin Williams biopic after comedian’s impression goes viral

Since his death in 2014, the world has gotten a little hazy Robin Williams’ Kinetic Pleasure. The great comedian never met a medium he couldn’t deal with, leaving behind a legacy that no one could begin to touch. And yet, comedian/impressionist Jamie Costa has done it again, sharing a reel of what he calls “test footage” that has so infuriated the Internet, for him to officially feature Williams in a biopic. There are calls to cast as.

scene, based on Description from the biography of the author Dave Itzkoff Robinhandjob Robin Williams when he learned that his friend, SNL Legend John Belushi, died that morning. As the story progresses, Williams learned from Mork and Mindy Co-star Pam Dauber, who was passed over by Belushi, led to an emotional moment, shared by Jamie Costa and co-star Sarah Murfree as Williams and Dauber, respectively. Take a look for yourself below, Courtesy of Jamie Costa:

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