Extraction 2 wraps filming in Chris Hemsworth’s new set video

Chris Hemsworth shared a video from his last day on the set of Extraction 2, thanking the cast and crew for their work on the sequel.

Actor Chris Hemsworth has shared a new set video from extraction 2, which confirms that his filming on the sequel has ended. Sam Hargrave was best known for being the stunt coordinator in the films: captain america civil waravengers: endgame, nuclear blondeAnd deadpool 2Before making his feature directorial debut with Netflix extraction, At the time of its release, extraction The film was the biggest Netflix film of all time, which soon flagged off a sequel, with Hargrave once again returning to directing with a script written by Joe Russo.

In addition to Hemsworth, extraction 2 Stars Tintin Dalakishvili, Adam Bessa, Patrick Newall, Rena Campbell and Armen Gregg. The sequel has been filming for several months and Hemsworth has teased how extraction 2 Very ahead in terms of stunts and action. for example, Hemsworth shared extraction 2 Video From the set that shows his character in a prison-like structure in which a large group of people engage in a riot, complete with pyrotechnics. Now, Hemsworth and Hargraves have revealed a filming wrap extraction 2,

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hemsworth Recently Instagram has been taken to confirm that she has completed shooting for the film. extraction 2, The 40-second video shows the actor thanking the cast and crew for coming together and overcoming obstacles like weather conditions during production. He then made fun of the absurdity of a stunt involving a helicopter and a moving train. Hargrave shared the video, saying that while Hemsworth has wrapped, there’s still a week left of filming. Watch it below:

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Plot Details extraction 2 Live under wraps. At the end of the first movie, Hire Tyler Rake (Hemsworth) was seriously injured and appears to have been left for dead. Naturally, the sequel will explain how he survived his wounds after falling off that bridge and deals with the aftermath. Original extraction It was successful to a large extent not only because of its story but also because of its R-rating and thrilling action set. extraction 2 She has to deliver some great contemporary action sequences if she wants to top the first film, and looks like she can do just that.

with the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunderannounce that he will play In the villains of George Miller FuriosaAnd extraction 2Hemsworth is in for a busy year. If his next appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe proves to be the success of his last, extraction 2 Could consolidate another trilogy and/or franchise. The film has no release date yet, but is expected to release sometime this year.

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