Explanation of the End of Easter Sunday (Detail)

On Easter Sunday Joe travels to visit his family during the eponymous holiday after Valencia. We break down the film’s ending, the actual meaning, and more.

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday End explained. Directed by Jay Chandrasekhar, from a screenplay by Ken Cheng and Kate Angelou Easter Sunday A comedy about a man who rekindles his love for his family. Led by real-life stand-up comedian Joe Coe, who plays Joe Valencia, Easter Sunday His first major starring role in a feature film.

Easter Sunday Which ends with a heated confrontation between Coe’s family and Dev Deluxe, who comes to Susan’s house to collect debts from Eugene. There is a lot of shooting involved, as well as convincing Dev to calm down before things really get out of hand. While no one is seriously injured and Dev has been arrested Vanessa (Tiffany Haddish), Joe arrives just in time, Joe has a panic attack and faints. In the hospital, Joe gets a call from a Hollywood executive saying that, while he doesn’t get a part in great scottThey want him to star in his series about himself and his Filipino American family.

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Easter Sunday A fairly straightforward comedy, with family drama and a subplot that somehow brings them together. Here’s the ending of the film in detail, including why Joe avoids seeing his family at first and how an accent request for Joe exposes Hollywood’s ongoing problem.

Why does Joe Valencia hesitate to see his family on Easter Sunday?

Joe Koy on Easter Sunday

Jo has a bad place in the beginning Easter Sunday, He is working really hard to get an acting job which will eventually provide him some stability and financial security. While one who is already doing a lot, tries escape from his domineering family At first because he feels that he has nothing to show for his efforts. Returning home, even for a short time, is a reminder of her mother’s frustration with her career and life choices. Susan wanted to become a doctor or a lawyer, but an actor wasn’t in the cards. At the beginning of the comedy film, which became really popular, a series of beer commercials that he filmed to show for his success. Joe’s feeling pretty lousy with his prospects, especially when he’s so close to getting a job he’s not sure he wants anymore. Confronting his family, despite not seeing them for so long, takes away all the feelings and worries Joe is trying to manage.

How did Eugene end up in so much debt

Eugene Cordero and Joe Coe on Easter Sunday
Eugene Cordero and Joe Coy on Easter Sunday

one of the biggest plot elements In Easter Sunday Eugene has a debt problem. He owes $40,000 in loans to Shark Dev Deluxe, who gave Eugene the money to buy their products and suddenly wants the entirety of the loan fully paid off. However, Eugene’s biggest plight, and how he got into so much debt in the beginning, is his deviation from the original plan. Joe loaned Eugene $20,000 for his food truck business, but Eugene’s poor decision making, the idea of ​​the food truck being a hype truck (which could have possibly worked out much better), eventually puts him on a bad path. Took it Furthermore, the Hype Truck items he intended to sell aren’t exactly the kind of products that will drive a lot of people into his business, which means he won’t be able to quickly return the money he borrowed from Dev. Can you

Is Easter Sunday based on Joe Coe’s real family?

Easter Sunday movie ending

Comic tells stories about his mother stand-up comedy acts first and some of them find their way into the film. so while Easter Sunday Not an exact replica, the comedy that brings aspects of Coe’s real life and family experiences to life on screen. What’s more, Coy, like his onscreen character, is a single dad and stand-up comic who struggled for a long time to get Easter Sunday created. To that end, the character’s personal journey in the film is a reflection of Koy’s journey and moments in his own life. The comedy also brings to life the nuances of Filipino culture and what it means to grow up a Filipino American, which has its own nuances and depth. This is another aspect of the film that borrows from Coe’s personal life.

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How the Joe Coe Accent Request Reveals the Hollywood Problem

Joe Coy Explained the Easter Sunday Ending

everywhere Easter SundayJoe receives a phone call from his agent informing him that the studio executes liked her audition, However, the only way they can hire him is if he agrees to fake Filipino accents. Which is rightly outraged and exposes an ongoing Hollywood problem that stereotypes and humiliates minorities for a laugh. The fact that Joe was passed over for the role because he refused to downplay himself and have a fake Filipino accent suggests that the issue lies with the Hollywood exec and not the actor. Hollywood has a history of doing things like this and actors including Aziz Ansari have spoken out about saying it in stereotypical tone at auditions. It reflects the racism that is still prevalent throughout the film and TV industry and how it disproportionately affects underrepresented groups by landing jobs.

The real meaning of the end of Easter Sunday

Joe Coy Easter Sunday Ending Explained

Easter Sunday Is about the love of family through thick and thin, especially highlighting Filipino culture. In the film, which mentions that Family is “complicated” And it’s on display throughout, especially with Susan and Theresa’s fight. But when there are always disappointments, disappointments and conflicts with family members, the love and care they have for each other will always be above all. Easter Sunday This is best illustrated in the final scene, in which Joe’s family puts their lives on the line to prevent Dev and his friends from shooting Eugene or harming any of their other relatives. There is no point in their disagreement at that time because love is above all. Joe and his family are protective of each other no matter what, so while Susan can never understand why Joe decided to be? comedian And the actor, she’s going to fight for him nonetheless. In the end, Easter Sunday Despite everything, the message about the love and closeness of family is heartwarming.

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