Everything we know about Evil Dead 4

Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell have both confirmed that an Evil Dead 4 is on the way, and here’s everything we know about the film so far.

Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell Both have confirmed that a Evil Dead 4 is on the way, and here’s everything we know about the film so far. NS eval dead The franchise has been delighting horror fans for nearly 40 years now, since Raimi and Campbell’s original 1981 film. of 1987 Evil Dead 2 and of 1992 army of darkness The two men would go on to cement themselves as icons of the genre, with Raimi going on to direct the blockbuster Spider Man The trilogy and Campbell reprized more than 100 film and TV roles.

in 2013, eval dead The brand was revived for a film by the director Fed Alvarez, a semi-remake of Raimi’s original, but also a story that was indicated to be in the established eval dead Universe. However, instead of Alvarez in what seemed to be a possible sequel to their hit, Raimi and Campbell returned to the property in 2015. ash vs evil dead TV show which aired on Starz for three seasons.

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Later ash vs evil dead Canceled, Campbell made it known that he was retiring the character of Ash, but gave his blessing to the franchise that continued without him. Before a definitive announcement, it was rumored that there would be a fourth eval dead The film, in which Raimi and Alvarez suggested that the next installment would be somewhat of a crossover between the remake and Ash. Unfortunately, this was not to happen. said that, Evil Dead 4officially titled evil dead rise, still being. Here we know.

evil dead 4 release date

Sam Raimi confirmed that evil dead rise was working in October 2019, and also announced that Bruce Campbell would only join as an executive producer. In June 2020, Campbell revealed that Raimi had chosen a writer/director. evil dead rise, Lee Cronin, assistant to the European horror effort hole in the ground. Filming of Evil Dead Rises began in June 2021 in New Zealand, where Ash vs Evil Dead was shot. On 14 July, Cronin announced that production had been halved. Evil Dead Rises is planned to leave theaters and release directly on HBO Max in 2022.

evil dead 4 cast

Alyssa Sutherland in Vikings

Fitting the indie spirit of the previous Evil Dead movies and Ash vs Evil Dead TV shows, the cast of Evil Dead Rise will be made up of mostly ups and comes and relative unknowns. Leading things as Beth is Lily Sullivan, an Australian actress and model who has had a handful of TV roles, mostly in her home country. Playing the role of Beth’s older sister Ellie is Alyssa Suthlerland, another Australian who is quite famous in America due to her leading roles on Vikings and. Stephen Kings. TV adaptation of fog. Fellow young actors Gabrielle Echols, Morgan Davis and Nell Fisher have also been cast in undisclosed roles, while Mia Chalis — soon to appear in several episodes of Netflix’s Clickbait — will play fashionable teenager Jessica.

Evil Dead 4 Plot Details

Ash vs. Evil Dead Champs Beer (Photo - STARZ)

Based on the plot details so far, Evil Dead Rises is set to be quite different from the previous films in the franchise. It centers on Beth, who moves to her small Los Angeles apartment after visiting her older sister, Ellie. Ellie is trying to raise three kids alone, and things get tough. Before long though, things go awry, as Beth discovers a “mystery book” – possibly Necronomicon X-Mortis – In the lower reaches of Ellie’s building, and monsters are soon on the move and looking for survival. It’s unclear whether Evil Dead Rises will tie directly to the previous films, but if it does, it will be interesting to see how Cronin’s script explains Ash’s absence, if at all. It would also be fun to see Campbell do a cameo for old times, possibly as a monster or in some other non-ash role where she can be disguised a bit under makeup.

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