Everything We Know About Die Hard 6 (Is It Happening?)

Bruce Willis as John McClain last removed the bad guys, but has it been eight years since Die Hard 6 is happening? Here’s what we know so far.

It’s been eight years since Bruce Willis last took down the bad guys John McClain repeatedly infamous and in the fifth entry die Hard suffrage, but there is a die hard 6 Happening? Yippie’s yay, Mr. Falcon. So goes to the TV-edited version of McClain’s iconic catchphrase. die hard 2, to the entertainment of most fans. Sadly though, die HardK’s most recent outing didn’t leave people with many reasons to amuse themselves, or even be remotely thrilled as it appears. As telegraphed by groan-worthy”Yippie’s Yay, Mother RussiaTagline of the film, 2013’s a good day to die Hard The famous Bruce Willis-led action ended up being the apparent nadir of the franchise.

While Willis was still watchable enough as McClain, despite being a little overbearing from the script, Jay was terrifying enough in his turn as Courtney John’s son Jack, which sounds like a stage effort but a lot. focuses more Bruce Willis out of lead role. Courtney earned many fans for her funny portrayal of Captain Boomerang in David Ayer’s 2016 suicide squad, but his wooden performance leaves fans with a lot to be desired and a good day to die Hard No favors to the franchise that was already struggling to recapture the magic of the original entry.

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It would be safe to say that many fans of die Hard The franchise wishes the fifth entry was never made, making it logical that a . idea of die hard 6 can scare them. Still, there will always be fans who will be willing to hold out hope for a return to form, which will see Willis as his greatest character back on top. so, will anyone die hard 6? Depending on who you ask, this is either good news or terrible news for longtime fans. best and worst die Hard Movies.

Die Hard 6 Isn’t Officially Happening

Bruce Willis in Live Free or Die Hard

A short video teasing the upcoming return of Bruce Willis, in mid-October 2020 die Hard The franchise made fans sit up and take notice. Unfortunately, it was the pioneer of all things, a die Hard-Themed battery commercial. Since then, rumors abound, but producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura recently revealed that a planned sixth installment, simply dubbed McClain, was canceled after the merger of Fox and Disney. speak with polygon, Di Bonaventura revealed that the project was dead in the water, adding that “Not happening.”

die hard 6 story details

Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis in Die Hard with a Vengeance

However, there is hope for fans of the franchise who want something different. snake Eyes Producer Di Bonaventura said he does not know what the plans are for a possible future sequel or prequel. Should Disney decide to revive the franchise, the producers revealed their plans for a sixth installment, saying “It gave you the ability to meet young John McClain and use Bruce […] you get to see both versions of it“Interestingly, the producer also spoke openly about the nature of the film”It was a project that wasn’t Die Hard, which was eventually transferred to Die Hard“.

die hard 6 cast

when the last die hard 6, Or McClainBefore the cancellation was discussed publicly, the only confirmed cast set for a return was Bruce Willis as the current John McClain. With ex-wife Holly in the plans, one speculates that Bonnie Bedelia will also return to reprise her role, but this is unclear. Mary Elizabeth Winstead John and also expressed interest in returning as Holly’s daughter, Lucy. However, since the plans have failed die hard 6, Fans of Willis, Winstead and other potential artists can watch their other confirmed releases instead.

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Leonardo DiCaprio as Calvin Candy in Django Unchained

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