Every Song in Showtime’s Yellowjacket

WARNING: Contains Spoilers yellow Jacket episode 2.

NS yellow Jacket The soundtrack plays a big part in setting the world and atmosphere for the show with a collection full of famous songs. with a complex narrative full of intrigue yellow Jacket Sometimes it can be hard to follow. It is also complicated by the ongoing double stories in both 1996 and 2021, but the songs yellow Jacket The soundtrack helps make the show less opaque.

yellow Jacket Follows a soccer team in 1996 as they prepare for a national championship. Along the way, their private jet crashes for unknown reasons, and the survivors band together as they struggle to survive in the woods for 19 months – eventually becoming cannibalistic tribes who wear ritualistic masks, In 2021, some of the survivors are now finding that the secrets they held from their time in the wilderness risk are being uncovered, as people discover the secret that marks the 25-year anniversary of the event. But what happened to Yellowjacket?

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The background music for the show serves an important purpose as it helps to set up the various environments and underscore the emotional tone of the scenes. However, yellow Jacket’ The soundtrack also includes songs that are played within the scenes themselves, improvised by the characters and sometimes sung along. Especially in the first episode, it helps establish the flashback sequences as a surreal feel in the mid-1990s with songs like Salt-N-Pepa and Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. Here’s Every Song That Appears On yellow Jacket song music.

Yellowjacket Episode 1, “Pilot”

“Today” – The Smashing Pumpkins: This 1993 Smashing Pumpkin song is the first to be played in the song. yellow Jacket episode 1As soon as the title card is revealed and the team learns they are heading to the national championship, the camera keeps a close eye on New Jersey. The song fades into the background as Jackie and Jeff roll around in bed and Jackie enjoys an orgasm, cutting abruptly at the end of the scene.

“Supernova”-Liz Fair: Liz Phair’s 1994 “Supernova” is a song that Shauna listens to in the car while she waits for Jackie outside her home.

“Informant” – Snow: Snow’s 1992 single “Informer” plays when Jackie pulls the tape out of Shawna’s car to listen to the radio and continues in the background through the rest of the scene.

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“Shoop”-Salt-N-Pepa: In form of Yellowjackets prepare for Josh Rally In the locker room, the team listens to the 1993 hit “Shoop” from Salt-N-Pepa and sings and dances.

“Good Vibrations” – Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch: When Yellowjacket is presented and played at Pep Rally, the song that plays over it is 1991’s “Good Vibrations” by Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch, a short-lived hip hop group fronted by Mark Wahlberg.

“What if…” -Door Soul: Dor Soul’s song “What If…” is from their 1994 release The New Shito Jackie and Shauna get ready to party in Shauna’s bedroom.

“Let me find out” -POS NEG: As the teens arrive at the keg party in the woods, POS NEG’s “Let Me Find Out” is playing.

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“Miss World” – Hole: This 1994 song by Courtney Love-led band Hole Contains yellow Jacket Natalie takes LSD as the soundtrack and cuts the scene to her old self being picked up from rehab by a cab. The song continues as it transitions to a more upbeat section of the song and goes back to the party as Shauna watches Jeff and Jackie.

“Down by the Water” -PJ Harvey: PJ Harvey’s 1995 song “Down by the Water” plays as Natalie feels the effects of LSD while staring at the fire and thinking she sees Misty standing near the woods.

“Never Separate Us” – Paloma Faith: First chronological song to appear in yellow Jacket Paloma Faith’s “Never Tear Us Apart” follows on a montage of the morning after party yellowjacket teen football player Get ready to go for the national competition and start boarding the plane.

Yellowjacket Episode 2, “Heart-Shaped Black Box”

Yellowjacket Shauna Shipman Melanie

“Hold on” – Wilson Phillips: Wilson Phillips song “Hold On” Misty In. rings at two crucial moments for yellow Jacket Episode 2. First, in Misty’s room in 1992 when she answers the phone and is harassed, and then at the end of the episode Misty and Natalie walk down the street together where it appears to be playing on the car stereo. Is. The song continues with a flashback to Misty breaking down the plane’s black box in the woods in 1996.

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“Mom Mama” – Tracy Bonham: “Mother Mother” is the song played after Misty amputates assistant coach Ben Scott (Steven Kruger)’s leg and continues on the title card. yellow Jacket,

“Medusa” – Afternoon Devils: The Nunday Devils’ “Medusa” plays in the background of the car scene yellow Jacket As Foggy And Natalie traces the possible suspects who may have sent the postcards before contacting Kevin Tan, Natalie’s old friend.

“Kick It” – Peaches, feat. Iggy Pop: Peaches’ “Kick It” is the song that’s playing when Natalie is drinking in her motel room and eventually calls Travis.

“Glory Box” – Portishead: “Glory Box” by Portishead begins to play out as Shauna (Melanie Lynskey) reveals that she killed a rabbit for dinner and then rejoins from 1996. Live Yellowjacket as it continues to play Cover the bodies of the dead on the plane with a banner, Lottie (Courtney Eaton) finds their medicine in their luggage, and the team discusses their survival and plans around the campfire.

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yellow Jacket Showtime releases new episodes on Sundays.

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