Eternals was the perfect story to bring LGBTQ+ identity to the MCU

WARNING: Contains Spoilers Eternal,

With Eternal, Marvel properly introduced the representation of LGBTQ+ identity in the MCU, and they chose the perfect story to do so because it represents so many different types of love. Brian Tyree Henry and Haaz Slimane’s portrayals of Faustos and Ben and the MCU’s first on-screen same-sex kiss received a lot of press. However, Eternal went even further and provided a lot of subtle connections that became Eternal Truly a film about love.

The MCU has had a poor track record with LGBTQ+ representation in the past Eternal, it took until avengers: endgame For the Marvel Cinematic Universe to include an openly gay character, and when they did, it was a minor character in the blink of an eye. However, the MCU has committed Being Better About Its LGBTQ+ Representation, tv series in 2021 bottle gourd Helped develop some LGBTQ+ identities but didn’t really address what those identities meant. In Eternal, a more diverse and nuanced approach is taken, and it has been reported that future MCU projects will build on this LGBTQ+ representative with Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie being canonically bisexual and her quest for a queen. Thor: Love and Thunder,

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While a common reason cited for the MCU’s lack of LGBTQ+ representation relates to financial concerns regarding censoring their films overseas, there is another element at play. Portraying LGBTQ+ and minority identities for the first time was always going to be a big deal for the MCU, and another summarily mentioned as avengers: endgame Could have taken a step back. However, Eternal there is a story Which is based on love and how the different forms of love manifest, are expressed and can be validated. it is particularly clear Eternal The MCU has a tendency not to focus largely on relationships, as most Marvel movies spend very little time on them. In contrast, almost every member of the Eternal is involved in some form of expression of love. Here’s how the legend was made Eternal The perfect film to introduce true LGBTQ+ representation to the MCU.

Ajac and the Eternal: Family/Parental Love

Salma Hayek as Ajak in Marvel Eternals

Despite the relatively short amount of screen time, the central emphasis of Ajak (Salma Hayek) provides Eternal through the expression of his love. as the principal eternal and Arishem’s point of contact, she is effectively the leader of the Eternals, but with her, that role largely manifests as that of the parent. Ajak states several times throughout the film that she is in love with the Eternal, and it appears that it is Cersei adopting this form of love that allows Ajak to be his successor as the Prime Eternal over Icaris or someone else. leads Cersei to be chosen because of the love she has for Eternal. and for humans. He also appears to have been given power after Ajak’s death to enable the group to work as a group to stop the celestial Tiamat. Ajak’s love is indiscriminate across the group, but also not blind to the flaws or shortcomings of some Eternal.

Fastos and Ben: Gay and Family Love

Brian Tyre Henry as Fastos crying in Hiroshima at The Eternals

Fastos’ and Ben’s relationship The on-screen display of the MCU is phenomenal in itself, but also serves to drive some of its larger elements home. Eternal Story and theme. The pair have a healthy relationship, and for the rest of the Eternals, it’s huge news that Fastos is in a relationship with a man for a man. It’s important that Prem is able to break that potential divide, and, crucially, Fastos and Ben have an adopted child, Jack (Asai Daniel Krauss), whom they love in parallel with how Ajak is from Eternal. loves.

Cersei and Ikaris: Immature Love

Icaris and Cersei face off in The Eternal.

one of the things that makes Eternal‘ The narrative about the love ceremony does well by being a less flattering representation of love. the relationship shown between Cersei (Gemma Chan) And Icaris (Richard Madden) is marked by immaturity. There’s a bit of depth to their relationship, and it seems to be basically driven by physical attraction. When Icaris learns of Arisham’s plans from Ajac and does not see the importance of continuing his relationship with Cersei, instead of trying to discuss the matter with Cersei, she leaves without explanation. K just leaves.

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Cersei and Dane Whitman: Mature Love

Dane watches Whitman and Cersei return to Earth for Arisham.

Quite the opposite, Eternal It also signifies a relationship that is based on maturity and deep love. Cersei’s relationship with Dane Whiteman (Kit Harrington) has developed from a shared interest and working together and is something Cersei is pursuing cautiously and remotely, as she learns that her immortality will destroy the relationship. How to complicate Whereas Cersei and Icaris’s Relationship Serves as a cautionary tale to the rest of the love-based narrative, her relationship with Dane presents a more positive view, and she is able to grow in that relationship by seeing the successful love between Ben and Fastos.

Thena and Gilgamesh: Asexual/Fragrant Love

Gilgamesh arrives for the police station in The Eternal.

To many viewers, Thena (Angelina Jolie) and Gilgamesh (Ma Dong-seok, as Don Lee) may not seem to be in a relationship. However, Thena and Gilgamesh can be read as portraying a kind of love that Hollywood tends to shy away from and which is not typically presented in the media. The two maintained a loving platonic relationship for thousands of years appears to be fragrant and asexual, Gilgamesh takes care of her after Thena is struck with Mahad Vayri, and the two express love and affection for each other in a thoroughly emotional way that goes beyond their interactions with any other Eternals. In a media that often relies on physical signs of love, their relationship is just as important to the LGBTQ+ community as that of Fastos and Ben and represents a more legitimate form of relationship.

Kingo: Narcissistic / Self-Love

Kumail Nanjiani Kingo Eternal

most characters Eternal Is paired with someone in the film. Kingo (Kumail Nanjiani) is an obvious exception to this rule. After being separated from the rest of the Sanatanas, it appears that The closest thing Kingo ties in Another man is accompanied by his employee Karun (Harish Patel), and in fact he is completely different from everyone else. After building his own dynasty of movie star identity, Kingo has developed an adoring fanbase and seems to idolize others and thrive on his own self-love. Although it may seem to involve herself, this expression of love is not rejected or judged. Eternal But that potentially represents part of the reason why he has not been chosen as the new Prime Eternal.

Sprite and Icaris: One-sided love

Sprite talking to Ikaris in The Eternal.

Arguably the saddest narrative and representation of love centers around Sprite (Lia McHugh). Her love for Ikaris is completely one-sided. While many films have used unrequited love as both a problem for the pining party and the object of affection, Eternal don’t hesitate to show it as a problem negatively affects sprites, Her unrequited love for Icaris leads her to become jealous and self-loathing her body, which she doesn’t think represents her (an element that ties into Sprite’s potential queer-reading), and it That eventually leaves him open to manipulation by Ikaris who plays a big part in the central fight.

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the love shown in Eternal There is never a side story, as can be the case in many superhero movies. different forms of love Eternal Displays how the characters interact with each other and the world and make a bigger statement within the narrative. it makes all Eternal This is the right place for the MCU to bring the LGBTQ+ identity to full force, as it allows them to be portrayed meaningfully without needing to be isolated for their diversity.

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