Encanto Director Explains Why Madrigal Has Gifts and Not Superpowers

When encanto Released last year, fans took to social media to express how much they related to the various songs and characters. some were even Calling for Disney Productions to Head to Broadway Later Animated film wins Oscar At the 94th Academy Awards. What the audience really enjoyed is that each member of The Madrigal Family Had a Unique Gift, which was at the core of his personality and strength. Although some may question why their magical abilities are not referred to as superpowers. Co-director Jared Bush has now explained the interesting reasoning behind this difference, and it’s totally understandable.

encanto Centers around madrigals and amazing abilities that they use to help their community. Sounds like a family of superheroes, doesn’t it? Well, not at all. When responding to a fan who wanted clarification about the family’s abilities, it was called “gifts” rather than “superpowers,” Jared Bush explained. Twitter That it was a conscious choice. He also listed three different reasons, one of which involves the protagonist:

Yes. Three reasons – 1) ‘gift’ felt more like how special talents and abilities are described in the context of family, 2) miracle->gift felt like a more natural progression, 3) ‘strengths’ ’ feels way too super-ish and we wanted to avoid that connection as much as possible.

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