Elizabeth Olsen Shares Absolutely Embarrassing But Relatable Thing As A Kid — E! Online

Elizabeth Olsen May come from a famous family, but he is still incredibly relatable.

Case in point: He just confirmed that he even did that embarrassing thing where you pretend to be in a movie with your crush. as he told W MagazineHe had a celebrity crush while growing up Frank Sinatra, so naturally, she’d do scenes with him in my bathroom.

whereas wandavision The actress didn’t elaborate on the plot of those daydreams, she went into more detail about her ex’s infatuation George Clooney, which filled a Sinatra-sized hole in his heart. “[Those scenes] I turned to scenes with George Clooney when I got older and I realized that Frank Sinatra was an old man,” he recalled. “I was like, well, maybe if I got older, I’d at least Could have worked with George Clooney as his daughter’s friend or something, and then we have a thing.”

Of course, unlike most people, she is actually an actress now and has starred with many beautiful stars, including Paul Bettany.

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