Elden Ring: How to Beat the Fire Giant

To defeat the Fire Giant in the Elden Ring, players must focus on attacking its weak point in Phase 1, taking advantage of its immobility in Phase 2.

As tarnished adventurers climb the slopes towards the Forge of the Giants elden ring, they will face a massive humanoid boss, the Fire Giant, in a bid to defend the Forge from outsiders. Unfortunately, there’s no way to bypass the giant, which means players will have to defeat it in order to progress to the crumbling Farum Azula.

Although the Fire Giant moves quite slowly, don’t be fooled by the lack of a beast. Speed elden ring, The Boss can close distances quickly because of his size and ability to jump. In addition, the reach of each of the giant’s attack should not be underestimated, as they can destroy a challenger at any height or close range. Adventurers should also enter this boss fight with the mindset of fighting on foot. Riding atop a torrent is a death sentence because the lack of dodge-rolling severely restricts the attacking ability of the player to contact the boss. This concept additionally applies to ranged fighters such as mage. The distance covered by the spells to reach Vishal is equal to the duration of Vishal’s sweeping and slamming attacks. In other words, defeating the Fire Giant elden ring Close competition is needed.

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The fight will start with the Fire Giant walking towards the hero in slow motion. them, ride over torrent, close the distance rapidly and start attacking his left ankle. One can identify this weak spot tarnished by a large bracelet hanging over the distinctive leg. Attack the anklet continuously until it breaks, leaving a weak mark on the giant’s Achilles heel. During this time, the Fire Giant will carry out various slamming attacks with a huge range with his stone plate, but cannot get under his feet. The first move players must see during this time are its rolls, which can potentially crush the player. The other is the Dual Foot Stomp, which is easy to dodge but can catch tarnished off-guard if they’re not careful.

Battle of the Fire Giant Bosses in the Elden Ring

Battle of the Fire Giant Bosses in the Elden Ring

When Phase Two begins, the Fire Giant will open his chest eye, granting it the new in fierce abilities elden ring, First the flames will rise, covering the land around it with fire. Next is a volcanic eruption of non-domestic rocks erupting from its mouth. During both of these attacks, the spellcasters will have enough time to kill the boss. As for melee fighters, attack him from behind and beware of his side rolls. By following these strategies, the Fire Giant shouldn’t be too difficult.

Optionally, elden ring Players can make a Fire Giant cheese by taking advantage of the Bleeding Attack weakness using Ash of War: Seppuku. After the boss fight begins, take the torrent to the second entrance on the right and jump to reach the opposite rock. Keeping the giant’s agro, go far southwest and then shoot seppuku-enhanced arrows at the animal until it collapses. Phase 2 of elden ring boss fight Will teleport the player back to the arena. Then, repeat the process of fighting the Fire Giant outside the boss area to defeat it.

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elden ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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