EA Ignoring Battlefront 3 Shows It’s Still Ruining the Star Wars License

Recent reports suggest that EA will ignore a potential Star Wars: Battlefront sequel, indicating that the studio has ruined its Star Wars license.

EA may be ruining star wars License by not confirming plans for sequel Star Wars: Battlefront 2, Recent reports suggest that DICE is set to start production for the next Battlefield Soon after the launch of the most recent installment of the series, 2042. It may push back the possibility of a new Star Wars: Battlefront The title for quite some time and a pointless loss to both fans and EA alike.

ea’s Star Wars: Battlefront Thus far the series has been affected by pay-to-win mechanics and the company’s tendency to implement expensive DLC content. However, Star Wars: Battlefront 2 2019 saw a resurgence in popularity — nearly two years after it came out — with EA removing its previous system in which players would either have to grind or spend money to unlock and promote heroes and villains. with nostalgia for the original Star Wars: Battlefront With the series still going strong and there’s a huge fanbase for the new one, EA has plenty of reasons to make another sequel. But the DICE team is now focusing on the next Battlefield Sports – which may be necessary to watch 2042 a buggy is fucked – EA has put Star Wars: Battlefront behind the burner.

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EA is ruining star wars ignoring the license star wars battlefront Chain. the speed they produced by removing Star Wars: Battlefront 2Its pay-to-win mechanics would have been enough to move fans into a sequel. with all star wars With content set to come out in the future, there’s also plenty of opportunity for EA to release a sequel with a new movie or show to increase sales. But instead, the EA is choosing to lose all its chances of making Star Wars: Battlefront 3,

EA has made very few Star Wars games (and even less good ones)

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EA in its 10-year . Put signature on star wars Licensing deal in 2013. In the nearly decade since then, the company has released only four cores. star wars Games including two Star Wars: Battlefront Topic, Jedi: Fallen Order, And Star Wars: Squadron, That EA produced such a limited list star wars The game while three franchise films and a huge television series were released shows how much they have wasted License. The publisher’s studio had the opportunity to create huge titles such as An Open World Exploration of the Outer Rim that could coincide with the release. Mandalorian, but opted to create a new one instead Battlefield title at a time when fans of that series are still playing the installment that came out in 2013, battlefield 4, to know that EA canceled many star wars Play They only reinforce the feeling of neglect before they can be successful.

On top of that, the games released by EA were heavy. whereas Jedi: Fallen Order Appreciated by many, EA seems to have shied away from the 2015 hype. The Force Awakens so that fans overlook the massive lack of content Star Wars: Battlefront, That game had only 12 maps based on four planets, none of which came from the prequel trilogy. Although Star Wars: Battlefront 2 What would eventually become a decent sequel, it launched with even fewer maps, and its pay-to-win mechanics would have been completely broken at launch if the previous game’s DLC content hadn’t already been pocketing fans. . in the end, while Star Wars: Squadron In the form of a budget title offering players financial relief, it was finally too late for EA to prove itself worthy. star wars License.

There may be reasons for focusing more on EAs. Battlefield From Star Wars: battlefield, Eventually, the cinematic main series ended with 2019 rise of skywalkerMILF and fan base of Star Wars: Battlefront 2 still alive and well in 2021, Still, with its rare and sometimes heavy releases, EA has really ruined it. star wars License.

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