Dylan Penn has admitted that he and dad Sean Penn had an argument for 2 hours during the shoot of his new movie – E! Online

there was nothing sharp about the debate between dialing pen and father Sean Penn On the sets of his latest film.

Father-daughter duo seen together the late show Thursday, August 19, where hosts Stephen Colbert Asked if there was any disagreement between them while Sean directed his daughter as the film’s star flag Day, which debuts Friday, August 20.

“We had a major… I think it was a two-hour standoff about a note that he had,” Dylan, 30, replied bluntly. She explained that it was “about whether I can wear mascara or can’t wear mascara.”

After Dylan shared, “he won,” quipped the host, “it’s a fight that usually happens with a father’s daughter when she is 12 years old.”

Stephen then asked, “Did you guys go to a private place to do this fight, or was it a knock-down, drag-out in front of the crew?” This made Dylan respond quickly, “No, it was too public.”

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