DWTS: JoJo Siwa confirms breakup and reveals she and ex-GF are still friends

Dancing With the Stars contestant JoJo Siwa confirmed his breakup with ex-girlfriend Kylie Pre while speaking on the This Is Paris podcast.

dancing with the Stars Contestant Jojo Siwa confirmed and addressed his breakup with Kylie Prev. JoJo became a reality TV star At the age of 9 when she competed dance Moms. While she and her mother, Jesselyn, were disliked by many other dancers, the mother-daughter duo remained popular over several seasons. Since then, JoJo has danced and starred in several Nickelodeon movies and TV shows. She has also developed a successful music career, releasing several hit songs and heading her own tour. JoJo also appeared as T-Rex masked singer season 3.

Earlier this year, JoJo came out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Also she revealed that she is dating longtime friend Kylie. The couple met on a cruise in December 2020, and JoJo announced their relationship The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon in early 2021. However, soon after joining dancing with the StarsRumors started swirling that their relationship was over. jojo worried DWTS audience When she told them that she was going through a difficult time. Sources later revealed that JoJo and Kylie had split.

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Now DWTS Contestant JoJo is confirming her breakup with Kylie. JoJo in conversation with Paris Hilton this is paris podcast, where JoJo first addressed the rumours, saying, “I have yet to talk about this officially, publicly, but we broke up UP.JoJo admitted that her busy work schedule as well as her age contributed to the breakup. Despite this, JoJo insists that she and Kylie are on good terms and remain friends, adding,”sHe’s literally still my best friend. I talked to him yesterday. He just got a new puppy. she’s awesome. She is having the time of her life. I am having the time of my life.“Jojo Said He Is”really lucky“That He Didn’t Lose Kylie Totally”Because relationships may end, but friends don’t have to end, “ JoJo said that she “may not know

Talking about Kylie, JoJo tells Paris that she met the right person at the wrong time. “I was so glad it could happen because that’s all I wanted, “ He explained. But I’m really happy that I remember all the fun times, all the good times, and nothing bad happened.This set off rumors that Kylie was jealous of JoJo and her partnership with him. DWTS Pro dancer Jenna Johnson. fans of dancing with the Stars Maybe remember that Kylie was in the audience for several weeks, but from the time the breakup rumors started, she stopped participating in it.

JoJo fans will be glad to know that she is doing well and remains on good terms with his ex-girlfriend. Between earning the first perfect score of the season and creating history by being part of the show’s first same-sex couple, JoJo has brought DWTS Another tough moment of hers this season was discussed recently when she and Jenna were in the bottom two for the first time. Considering all that JoJo has done, it’s an interesting week for her to get the fewest votes. Reality contestants usually garner sympathy from viewers who are invested in their personal journey. That being said, given how well their performances got, it’s possible that Viewers thought JoJo and Jenna were safe. This often happens on many reality competitions. Last week all the judges voted to save JoJo, so fans will be curious to see if she can survive Bottom Two next week.

dancing with the Stars Airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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