Dune’s Dave Bautista Reveals How His Role Was a ‘Blessing’ After Years of Playing Drax’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Dune has finally arrived and lived up to the hype, as it has exceeded the box office expectations. and of course, fans are loving it. The science-fiction epic isn’t the biggest movie of the year, with an all-star cast and some of the most incredible special effects you’ll see in a movie all year. Dave Bautista, who plays the villainous Glosu Rabban, delivered a particularly intimidating and ominous performance and looked right at home in the film. Now, the actor has explained how his new role was a “blessing” after years of playing Guardians of the Galaxy Drax the Destroyer.

As he is promoting the film, the wrestler-turned-actor has been discussing his role in the recent sci-fi flick, particularly his experience working with director Denis Villeneuve. At this point in his career, the star has become largely synonymous with Guardians But, here, we see her in a very different light. On that note, the actor explained ABC News How his role in Villeneuve’s film was a wonderful opportunity for him as a performer, he said:

The special thing about this character was that it gave me an opportunity to do a different kind of performance. And that’s what I love working with [director Denis Villeneuve]As an artist, I get a chance to show myself in a different light. … I’m not just a guy in the Guardian [of the Galaxy] Walking around shirtless and doing stupid shit. [The role] Really just gives me a chance to play these like really, really dark characters. So this is a boon.

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