Dunes 2: Why did Zendaya’s Chani replace Chalamet’s Paul as the main character?

Denis Villeneuve teases Zendaya’s Chani, will replace Timothée Chalamet’s Paul Atreides as Dune 2’s main character. Here’s how and why this could happen.

Zendaya’s Chani has been called the protagonist of A Planned Dune sequel, and here’s why and how she could replace Timothée Chalamet’s Paul Atreides as the main character. Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s science-fiction novel is one of them. Most awaited movies of 2021. Chalamet is at the fore DuneIncredible cast, which is understandable given Paul’s role in the book and the young star’s massive popularity.

Paul is the undisputed main character DuneThe book, as it follows his rise from being the last Duke of the House of Atreides, to joining the Freemen, a very spiritual group of Arrakis natives, and reclaiming their homeworld. Chan is one of the most important members of Freeman in Paul’s life, as she is his primary love interest and the girl he sees in the future. Villeneuve brings Zendaya to the cast Dune To play the character of Chaani and bring the character to life on screen among innumerable Character houses and factions Dune. He has since said that the main character of Chani will be Dune: Part Two, which could prompt some major changes in the latest film adaptation of Herbert’s work.

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Dune An incredibly dense novel full of details and world-building, so much so that Villeneuve and Warner Bros. agreed to split the film into two parts, however. doon 2 Not yet officially announced. it means that the first Dune The film should end around the halfway point in the book, not long after Paul and Chaney meet and he confesses that he has seen her in his visions. This would leave Zendaya with a much smaller role than the audience might expect for her someone infamous, so she ends up playing a bigger role later. Dune‘Send There may be a way for Villeneuve to improve it. However, even in the second half of Herbert’s novel, Chaney does not have the biggest role. If Zendaya is taking over as Chalamet doon 2As the main character, it may have been part of Villeneuve’s effort to locate more Freemen and give Chaney more agency in the sequel.

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Even then Dune Primarily follows the story of Paul, there are points where Villeneuve can use his actions to shift the focus towards Chaney. it is very possible that doon 2 To better establish what their living conditions are like on Arrakis, one can start before meeting with Paul Freeman. This timing can help to show how important Chani is to a person within the ranks of freemen and give viewers a more informed idea of ​​who Paul he once was. but, doon 2the story will probably be there too Paul’s Powers and Abilities Start really developing and demonstrating yourself. Paul spends a lot of time alone and in pursuit of these goals falls into a coma. Instead of doon 2 Mainly after Paul’s mission, it could have sent him off and stayed with the Freemen and Chaney.

No matter how Villeneuve executed the move to get Chaney to replace Paul doon 2As of the main character, this is something that can be quite upsetting for fans of the source material. That said, Chani’s increased prominence could also benefit the second film and sell the relationship between her and Paul. doon 2 Must be when they are in love and starting a family, which also has to face tragedy as part of the war. Chinese blue-eyed The perspective opens up new avenues for the story and expands upon what the original novel did not offer. Villeneuve’s vision for Chani and Paul doon 2 The arcs will become more apparent once the first film is released.

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