Dune: Why doesn’t the Hunter Seeker kill Paul immediately?

Paul survives an initial attempt on his life in Dune by defeating Atreides’ hunter-gatherer. This is why the drone doesn’t kill Paul immediately.

First assassination attempt on Paul Atreides Dune Takes the form of a tiny hunter-gatherer drone, which he manages to escape and destroy in ways perfectly explained in the film. In Dune In the novel, Paul is trained from birth to recognize and respond to all possible means of murder, as his station as the son of a duke makes him particularly vulnerable. That training includes some interesting details about hunter-gatherers—namely, how they actually work, as well as how to avoid being killed by one.

Although peace apparently reigns NS Dune Movies Time When House Atrides arrives on Arrakis, things are clearly less stable than they seem at first glance. Tensions between the Great Houses and the Emperor lead to shady deals and backroom political maneuvers meant to defraud and steal power from those who hold it, often through violence. This is the world in which Paul Atreides is born, and this is what he is forced to learn in order to survive.

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When Paul and his family arrive in Arrakis, they expect trouble from the start. However, this trouble is a little closer to home than anticipated. While studying in his new bedroom, Paul sees a small, secret compartment open in the wall to reveal a small drone, which he immediately recognizes as a deadly hunter-gatherer. Apparently, the weapon was sent as part of House Harkonnen’s Villainous Plot To destroy the Atreides, but the hunter-gatherer does not notice Paul for a while. Standing stock-still, Paul sees the drone watching the room, before leaping up and grabbing him when he is distracted from opening the door.

Paul Dunne Hunter Seeker

as stated in Dune Books, the hunter-gatherer doesn’t kill Paul because the drone’s vision is based on speed. Paul knows this fact from his childhood training, so as soon as he sees the hunter-gatherer, he is completely frozen, applying his knowledge of the Bene Gesserit to ways to completely calm his mind and body. broadcasts. When the door opens and distracts the hunter-seeker’s sensor, Paul knows this is his best opportunity to strike, and he manages to capture the drone with incredible accuracy.

Although Dune While the film does not fully explain Paul’s encounter with the hunter-gatherer, it is still completely faithful to the novel’s scene. whoever has read Dune Books before watching the movie Frank would immediately recognize Paul’s frozen posture as a reference to Herbert’s original explanation of how hunters work, which is a great description for longtime fans. Together doon 2 Along the way, Timothée Chalamet’s Paul will have more deadly traps and challenges to overcome. However, if he handles them with the same vigor and restraint as he does with the hunter-gatherer, House Atreides may indeed rise once again.

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